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The fans pick: Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler
River Song
The fans pick: Run, you clever boy. And remember.
Run, you clever boy. And remember.
There's a man called The Doctor. He lives on a cloud in the sky. And all he does,
The fans pick: YES!
The fans pick: 10th Doctor (David Tennant-Gotta love'em!)
10th Doctor (David Tennant-Gotta love'em!)
11th Doctor (Matt Smith-dunno what to say...)
The fans pick: The ninth and tenth Doctors (new series)
The ninth and tenth Doctors (new series)
11th Doctor (Matt Smith) Logo
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2 fans have answered this question
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SherlockStark said …
Just finished series 1... I'm not sure I can continue with it. This show hits right in the feels Posted 1 month ago
Haonako commented…
i feel 1 month ago
OLDlk1 said …
Is this club page bigger on the inside? Posted 2 months ago
no1drwhofan said …
Greetings, Whovians! I am sorry I have not been contributing to the club as often, for I have had large amounts of work incumbent upon my shoulders recently. How was everyone's Christmas? And what did you make of 'Last Christmas'?
I JUST REALISED I OBTAINED A FANATIC MEDAL FOR THIS CLUB AFTER YEARS OF ENDEAVOUR, ARRGH. Thank you to everyone who fanned my stuff. It is ineffably appreciated.
I wish everyone a happy new year! Stand up for what you believe in and embrace your differences. :D xx Posted 2 months ago
Natalie_Singer commented…
Oh, fanatic medal! Congrats, sunshine! 2 months ago