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Doctor Who Converse Canvas High Top Hand Painted Shoe
Hello Sweetie.
Season 8 On Set
Season 8 On Set
Season 8 On Set
Twelve and Tardis
Season 8 On Set
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The fans pick: Smaller
The fans pick: Russel T Davies
Russel T Davies
Robert Holmes
The fans pick: No.
Yes, and they were wonderful.
The fans pick: Same As Always
Same As Always
Bitter & Rude
 I've got no A-Levels, no job, no future... but I tell ya what I have got...
He's a man in a suit, kind of tall, thin... great hair. REALLY great hair.
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Doctor Who Wall

-Breadqueen- said …
Love this show!^^ Posted 21 days ago
karina_brony said …
I know this may sound like a dumb question, but... Is Doctor Who a good show? I'm barely on the first season and on the first episode. xD Posted 25 days ago
Rose76 commented…
OMG!! Trust me I'm a huge doctor who fan it's a FANTASTIC show!! It is a little cheesy if you are starting from season 1 but you will fall in love with it anyways(: oh by the way thanks for adding me! 24 days ago
karina_brony commented…
Ha ha, thanks! 24 days ago
-Breadqueen- commented…
I don't know any other show that I like as much as Doctor who!^^ 21 days ago
gallifreyian said …
Calling all whovians,
July 10th is 11th doctor day
draw a fez, where a bowtie or even write geronimo on your your dog
do anything to celebrate the 11th doctor!!!!! Posted 25 days ago
labyrinth75 commented…
I'll do anything to celebrate the thirteenth incarnation of everybody's favourite Time Lord! :D 25 days ago
war40hamer commented…
Hahahah yes-oh and labyrinth u never forgot the 11th doctor is the 13th doctor 9 hours ago