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The fans pick: Eleven calls Clara to say he still needs her
Eleven calls Clara to say he still needs her
Clara gets caught by the clockwork villains
The fans pick: Series 8
Series 8
Series 7
The fans pick: Series 5
Series 5
Series 6
The fans pick: The Day of the Doctor
The Day of the Doctor
Dark Water
The fans pick: The Drunk Giraffe
The Drunk Giraffe
Crossing your hands over your chest/ crossing your hearts
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whoniversal said …
“Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
—     The Doctor, Season 3, Episode 6 Posted 19 days ago
MaRoMc said …
do you think that Clara will be the companion for much longer? i wondor if she will be around for as long as Amy and Rory Posted 21 days ago
DW_girl commented…
I think she'll probably be around until the end of season 9, possibly the christmas special... if she does last that long then she will have been a companion longer than Amy and Rory. 21 days ago
bowties_r_cool said …
Hey guys :) I know this isn't DW related, but this friend of mine who is a really big Whovian has started a YT channel, pls watch ;) Posted 1 month ago