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ebathory said:
Bah ha ha I just peed my pants!
posted over a year ago.
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i love dog the bounty hunter and leland is the best cause his the cutiest
posted over a year ago.
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smudge999 said:
beth me n u have plenty ov things in common ive only watched a few episodes im from england ive done my jail been there done that and aint going bk but i carnt seem to find anything what makes me feel like im doing something better thats got a bit ov danger a bit ov brawling if needed and survaling the runners but keeping looking sweet. i live in england we dont have bounty hunters i want to bring the option to light in our country by observing what u do and u always end up helping others out in the long run. keep it up gal one day maybe not in this lifetime ill b a hunter its in my blood.
posted over a year ago.
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