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Opinion by ITF posted 23 days ago
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There are many reasons why people abandon their dogs. Generally, it is not the dog's fault and often the decision to take a dog to an animal shelter is based not on emotion but on convenience. It is representative of a society lacking strong values--everything is disposable, including pets. People are encouraged to use excuses for their own behavior--it always is someone else's fault. In this case, it's the dog's fault!

Having a dog is a commitment to that animal for 10-15 years and should be a well thought out family decision based on a thorough investigation of the breed and breeder. Most of the purebred dogs in shelters are housebroken, have some basic obedience, and are well-behaved, affectionate pets. They have not abandoned their families--they are the victims.

How do dogs (and cats) end up abandoned in animal shelters? Its simple--people purchase puppies for all the wrong reasons:

On impulse because the puppy is adorable-all puppies are adorable-actually, all baby animals are adorable but with shorter life spans than humans, they quickly grow into gangly adolescents.
Fan fiction by RobinFan360 posted over a year ago
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My name is Ace.
I used to be your dog.
I just wanted to tell you how I felt over all those years.
You were my best friend. You always let me sleep with you, and we would go for walks everyday. I always loved it when you got me a new toy, and treats would come daily. When I chewed up your shiny thingy that played music, you just chuckled and gently, but firmly, told me not to do it again. You would always say,"Well he IS a puppy." and everything would be all right.
I would always know when I shouldn't do something again because when I got in trouble you would lightly hit me on the head. That's all it took to know when I was in trouble and I would cry a little because I knew I did something wrong and had hurt you. Then you would pick me up and say "It's all better now Ace. That's my boy."
I would give a soft growl back because that's my way of talking. You would always know what I meant.
We used to go driving all the time. I just loved the wind in my face and one or two of my toys in the backseat. We would go for walks too! and because I was a cute puppy everyone would stop and ask to pet me and of course you let them. Oh how I loved...
Opinion by Flo3900 posted over a year ago
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My friend got a new puppy dog over the weekend. It was a little Malamute too! He was only young and excited. And within a week they had already got rid of him! Why? Just because he had bit her on the toe! It was only a little scratch and it didn't bleed. I thought they'd keep him cause they've already got like, 5 dogs! But no! They got rid of him. Seriously?! They've also got about 20 lizards and snakes. They've never put one of their snakes down just because it bit them! I just hope the little puppy is OK and they haven't put him to sleep...