Recently I wrote a book about a dog. It is the life story of a stray dog, the struggles she faces, and her hopes for survival that keep her going. She is an American Eskimo Dog named Dolly who is born in the forest. She grows up learning the ways of the forest and how to survive, but when she sees a human house nearby, she gets curious and visits it. She was always told before she left the barn to stay away from the houses, but Dolly did not think they were bad. Dolly does not think it is bad until she is taken to a vet clinic.
Lost in this new world, she is confused and she just wants to return home. While Dolly is at the clinic, she meets another dog, a mixed breed named Stella. Stella has been through a lot and tells Dolly all she needs to know. Dolly wants to get back to her forest, and Stella finally agrees to go with her. So when they escape, they are lost in the big city. Little does Dolly know that she is really far away from home.
Years pass and Dolly struggles through life, discovering more about life than many other dogs who just worry about when their next meal will be. Dolly discovers that not all humans are good, and cruelty is all around her. Life is so hard. Will she ver find a loving home?