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LoLaki123 said …
It's so cute. Posted over a year ago
R5rockforever said …
I know a lot about dogs. They are my fav animal and do u know that there is a dog breed called a Kuvasz. I have a Border collie {the smartest dog in the world]. Also if u want 2 know , the Afghan Hound is the dumbest dog in the world. Poodles are the 2nd smartest , next German Shepherd, next, Labrador. If u need an answer to a dog question , post it on my wall please! Thank you Posted over a year ago
boltpup said …
PUPPYS Posted over a year ago
sambam2040 said …
im awesome with dogs Posted over a year ago
silverfang97 said …
My favorite dog breeds in alphabetical order:
American Pit Bull Terrier
Australian Shepherd
Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd Dog
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Labrador Retriever
Red-bone Coonhound Posted over a year ago
Mylittlecute12 said …
I ADORE dogs! Posted over a year ago
popstarAlinah commented…
then you shoud of pic a dog as your pic over a year ago
TARDIS-Granger commented…
like this one over a year ago
dibbyfun said …
I'm getting a dog in July ill post s photo when I do Posted over a year ago
generationc said …
i get my medal here
love u Pekingese Generation
Čuri is my fav Posted over a year ago
generationc said …
pekingese rules Posted over a year ago
Henriiett said …
Since I was born, my family has always had dogs. I grew up with them and never had a period in my life when there were no dogs around me. Now I couldn't imagine not having them. Those who have kept at least once a dog will know what I'm talking about. Your dog will always love you, no matter what - even more than itself! Independent of breed, dogs all have their unique values, but above all, loyality and the ability to love. Just in nutshell why dogs will be my favourite animals forever. :) Posted over a year ago