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The fans pick: Topher
The fans pick: From a buffy/eliza dushku/joss whedon fansite
The fans pick: season 2
The fans pick: Claire Saunders
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tsunade02 said …
i love adelle!! Posted over a year ago
jaimy818 said …
It's sad that it was canceled. I love this show! Posted over a year ago
Eirinaki_b_13 commented…
I know, there were many interesting storylines and it had so much potential. I wish it got at least one more season... over a year ago
jaimy818 commented…
They never really got their chance, Fox cancelled them before they could make a change. If Dollhouse would've been on the CW it would've been so much better! over a year ago
Dollhouse909 commented…
It would have done much better on the CW, FOX ruines so many shows it airs, such as Firefly which Joss Whedon made also over a year ago
big smile
tonianne20753 said …
cant wait for season 3 on dvd woop woop Posted over a year ago
Eirinaki_b_13 commented…
What? There is a season 3? Dont you mean season 2? over a year ago