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Claire/Whiskey  LovingLucy 3 2680 over a year ago
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casting updates  amazondebs 30 1779 over a year ago
I spy with my little eye  movygirl 24 801 over a year ago
Old Sets or Images from Joss's previous work????  chasity_dawn 3 768 over a year ago
100 Dollhouse Questions You Want Answered  Saul_Mikoliunas 0 901 over a year ago
Hug Kiss Slap  Saul_Mikoliunas 6 834 over a year ago
season in review: Escaping the Dollhouse  scruggs48 0 507 over a year ago
dollhousey talkage  amazondebs 27 2368 over a year ago
Dollhouse episode discussion Thread  DefineDelicate 2 729 over a year ago
Dollhouse in the UK  jameswilson245 1 689 over a year ago
Getting Greatness!!  Motherhubbard77 1 471 over a year ago
Tanaka in Dallas this weekend  koose 1 705 over a year ago
Echoes-Episode 7 Discussion  Saul_Mikoliunas 3 357 over a year ago
3rd & 4th episodes  spikes_girl 3 373 over a year ago
buffy/dollhouse similarities  movygirl 3 455 over a year ago
official spot  amazondebs 40 2024 over a year ago
Does anyone know?  geminigurl89 4 750 over a year ago
FOX /YT sucks  fanfly 11 1051 over a year ago
Branches - Dolls in different countries  ArabellaElfie 9 1194 over a year ago
banner and icon and tagline  amazondebs 11 755 over a year ago
could it happen?  amazondebs 7 942 over a year ago