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fanfly posted on Apr 25, 2009 at 10:14PM
Ok so here's the game (which many of you will probably already know); one person says something Dollhouse related and the next person says yum or yuck depending on how they feel about it- then they say something, etc.
I'll start...


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over a year ago Dollhouse909 said…
5 months and no reply? Sad.

As for Topher, yum, he was an awesome character, always there but never really a focus point of the show, until near the end that is. I liked how he went crazy and schizophrenic in the Epitaph episodes, always talking to himself and keeping all of his knick-nacks (spell check?) piled up around him in the pod area.

Bennet (Not Topher and Bennet, just Bennet in general)
over a year ago smms said…
Yuck. Like I said previously, we never really got to know her much.

The Dollhouse.
over a year ago VMars4ever said…

I like some of their ideas, and that it's an amazing show, but certain angles are just creepy.

Enver Gjokaj as Topher
over a year ago smms said…

Absolutely loved Enver as Topher. He even got his mannerisms down pat, and made his voice higher.

Topher and Claire's relationship.