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fanfly posted on Apr 25, 2009 at 10:14PM
Ok so here's the game (which many of you will probably already know); one person says something Dollhouse related and the next person says yum or yuck depending on how they feel about it- then they say something, etc.
I'll start...


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over a year ago Asvini said…
Aw, I love Boyd. I think he's interesting because he's considered the moral one by the Dollhouse staff, but how moral can he be to work there in the first place? I can't wait to hear his backstory, how someone who seems to grasp how wrong this is ended up working there anyway.
I also think his feelings towards Echo are interesting. He has what comes across as a rather fatherly affection for her, but he works for the people who are using her.
That's one of my favourite things about Dollhouse (despite it being one of the main things that seems to put some people off) there are no good guys in Dollhouse. Even the characters who seem like the good guys are in a grey area.

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over a year ago fanfly said…
Exactly, Asvini! I love that Joss makes you feel for these characters even though you know that what they're doing is questionable. There's no black and white- he makes you see both sides of the story. Which is always fun.

As for Dominic...

I found him really interesting and I was sad to see him go. I'm still hoping they can put him and his "brain" back together someday. I never would have taken him for a spy and I actually related to how frustrated he was when Adelle refused to take action against Echo, even though she exhibited "Alpha" signs.

Stage Fright
over a year ago Asvini said…
I was sad to see dominic go too. I liked him. Hope Reed Diamond will be in the show again at some point.

Stage fright gets a Yum. It's not the strongest episode, but it had Victor being revealed as a doll, Boyd being all nervous about Echo being on stage and the 'scowly babies' quote.
You know what? I get the feeling I'll be giving everything about this show a 'yum'. I officially declare the show to be empty of Yuck.

Enver Gjokaj's British accent
over a year ago DefineDelicate said…
Yum, but the only reason that is, because I Love EG :D ♥

Topher's hair :P
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
YUM! Have you seen what Fran said about his hair? Its the quote on his spot here:
I love his hair!! Ok how about uhmmm

The Pods / Beds
YUM! Have you seen what Fran said about his hair? Its the quote on his spot here:<br />
<a href="/sit
over a year ago fanfly said…
Yuck! Very coffin like. And what if they have to go pee in the middle of the night? lol

Alan Tudyk as Alpha
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Have you seen the boys muscles? Apparently as soon as he found out he had the part, he started working out like crazy to get them =D When I heard he had been cast, a part of me thought ehh?? I just didnt see him as a crazy psycopath, he was more of the funny geeky, socially stupid boy but he pulled it off! He actually managed to freak me out and so MAJOR YUM!
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Oops, I forgot to post another one hehe, I got so caught up in the Alan Tudyk love!
Joel Mynor.
over a year ago fanfly said…
Yum- he was cute and charismatic. The one client I actually liked. And his engagement was so bittersweet.

Whiskey as "Crystal"
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Yum! She was everything that Dr Saunders wasnt. Crazy, hot, dirty dancing Crystal =D I thought she did a much better job as Crystal than Echo did.

over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Oh come on!! I keep forgetting to add another one, sorry fanfly =(

Rayna Russell
Oh come on!! I keep forgetting to add another one, sorry fanfly =(<br />
Erm....<br />
<br />
Rayna R
over a year ago dollhousegirl24 said…
Yum! I love Reyna and I feel sorry for her. I love the song superstar (amash it) by Kimberly Cole
over a year ago dollhousegirl24 said…
Oops the next one is Sierra
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Yum! She was soooo cute with Topher in episode 10.

over a year ago Asvini said…
The episode or the character? The episode gets a big yum but Echo as Omega gets a Yuck.

The epsiode's awesomeness speaks for itself, as for the character I actually like her, but feel like I could say 'yum' for everything, which kind of takes the point out of playing and I did have issues with her.
She just didn't feel like a bunch of different people in one like Alpha did to me. She just felt like Uber-Caroline with better fight skills. With Alpha you really could believe he had all of these different complete people in his head and I didn't get a hint of that from Omega at all. I thought she would be far more interesting than she was to be honest.

I don't know whether to blame Eliza's acting or the writing (both of which I love) because there didn't seem to be any part written for her to show the other personas like Alpha had. As much as I love the episode when I imagine how amazing it would have been to see Alpha and Omega fight if they had BOTH been showing multiple personalities rather it just being Alpha I get a little disappointed.
I get the point of showing Omega/Echo handling it better than Alpha, showing how special she is but still it's not believable to me that someone with so many full people in her head would be so consistent in personality and speech.

Mellie leaving the Dollhouse.
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
I actually meant the episode, I never thought of the character actually =D But I agree with you completely. I suppose they wrote her that way to show her as handling it better but I do agree that it could have been way more interesting.

Ok Yum. I have to stop saying that as well but I cant help it =D I was thinking about this for a while and in the end, I went for Yum because I am happy that Madeline is leaving the Dollhouse. I think because I loooove Mellie/madeline/November(Lets just call her MNM lol) and I think that if she stays on for season 2 (fingers crossed) I would prefer to see her living life after the Dollhouse than still being a doll. There are limits to being a doll and we already have Echo, Sierra etc. I want to see her after all that is over, mainly because I love Miracle Laurie! Ok now I am just going round in circles =D

Summer Glau as something other than a doll in s2.
over a year ago giddyseizures said…
(no reply in five months... must be fixed).

Yum! I'm insanely excited for Summer Glau. (although partial yuck bc she would make an amazing doll)

over a year ago Asvini said…
giddyseizures I'm crazy excited about Summer too, she's great. I had really wished she'd be a doll, but now we know the show's cncelled I actually think the role she's in will be more interesting. It takes time for the dolls stories to unravel, we can get into the good stuff quicker with a non doll character I guess.

Ivy's a tough one for this because I never really had any strong feelings about her either way. I never disliked her, but she wasn't really featured enough to get my attention. I'll go with yum, since she did have some good lines (I thouht it was cute when Mr Dominic goes 'oh her body language is telling you she's innocent?' and she says 'no her languge language is telling you she's innocent!' or something like that, lol) and I do think she had potential as a character.

Adelle's/Olivia Williams's new shorter hair
over a year ago fanfly said…
I even made a pick about it. lol I really don't like the short hair.

Dollhouse coming back this Friday. (easy I know, but I'm excited!)
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over a year ago giddyseizures said…
YUM. How could anyone not be?

Episodes centered around characters other than Echo.
over a year ago Klema said…
YUM! I'm so sick of Echo centered episodes! I love Eliza, but Echo is probably my second least favorite Dollhouse character! Season 2 has been so amazing so far, mostly because we got to see other characters and their back stories ;) I don't want Dollhouse to end!!!

Belonging (episode)
over a year ago giddyseizures said…
YUM. I felt so much more for half of the characters at the end of that episode. Topher, Sierra, Boyd... especially Topher. Its in my favorite episodes from the series along with Briar Rose and Omega. (Also Victor/Sierra was adorable... must admit) I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Paul as Echo's handler instead of Boyd.
over a year ago fanfly said…
I loved Boyd as her handler. It allowed him a great deal more screen time than he has now. And I don't care for Paul/Echo in the context of them being handler/doll. It just seems so pervy.

Alexis Denisof as Senator Perrin
over a year ago Asvini said…
I love Alexis, and the idea of a character that big putting heat on the Dollhouse, now we know it's the finale I like seeing game changers like that. My only issue (and this is going to sound crazy) is that I think his American accent sounds fake compared to his English accent from Buffy/Angel. Yes, I know he's really American, and it's the English accent that's fake (I didn't know till I looked it up, lol) but I just got so used to his English accent, the American one sounds fake to me. Really.
Also, I have to add I'm with you on the pervy Paul/Echo thing.

some of the final episodes airing two at a time
over a year ago giddyseizures said…
Yum AND yuck.

I love the idea of after just watching some Dollhouse, getting more... but its also meaning it will end earlier and its just getting rushed. It will feel like its gone quicker. Its actually a bit depressing.

Employees of the Dollhouse using the dolls for personal use.