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The fans pick: Anastasia
The fans pick: Dirk the Daring
Dirk the Daring
Super Dexter
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Don Bluth Leading Ladies Wall

starlight77 said …
Who are all of the Don Bluth leading ladies? I know Anastasia and Thumbelina so I joined. I also know the penguin from the Pebble and the Penguin but who are they others? Posted over a year ago
DreamyGal commented…
The ones I know, are Mrs. Brisby from "The Secret of NIMH", Tanya from "An American Tail", Anne-Marie from "All Dogs Go to Heaven", and obviously Thumbelina and Anastasia. I know I'm leaving some out.    over a year ago
starlight77 commented…
Oh all right that's cool. I haven't seen "An American Tail" in forever but I remember I liked it when I was little. over a year ago
KataraLover commented…
Marina from The Pebble and The Penguin over a year ago
DreamyGal said …
I was tired of the wall being blank! Posted over a year ago
dimitri-07 commented…
LOL btw thanks to all the people for joining :) over a year ago