I really love Animes and Mangas and they have become a big part of my life and of my free time during the last years. I'm sure many of you are also Animefans.
Now I want to tell you my favourite Animes and Mangas:

TOP 3 Mangas:

1. Dragonball

I think every mangafan really should have read Dragonball, because in other mangas so many elements very similar the Dragonball manga can be seen which shows that also many other mangakas have read and liked Dragonball so that they copied some of the scenes they liked. I love the beginning of Dragonball when Son-Goku and the others are still kids: It's so cute =3 And I also think Akira Toriyama-sensei is really great at drawing cute characters and beautiful landscape. The Story of Dragonball is really interesting and it never becomes boring, because there is always some comedy =D I also like about Dragonball that the bad charas become good and fight together in the end and not just die like in many other mangas. But there is also one thing about the charas I don't like: At the beginning, when one chara shows up for the first time, he or she is really special and has an interesting personality, very different from every other chara, but after a time every chara becomes just to usual and similar to the others, that's what I don't like about the Dragonball charas…
I also like the Dragonball anime, but I think the manga is much better^^ And I don't like Dragonball GT, because I didn't really understand the story very well and I think it's too much only about fighting and so on…

2. Hetalia

I love Hetalia!! When I began reading the manga about half an year ago I thought it was just another funny story but nothing really special. But after reading the first volume I just couldn't stop thinking about it anymore, it really impressed me =DD First I think the story itself is a really gorgeus idea!! Hidekaz Himaruya-senseis idea to have an human stand for every country is really great and you can invent many funny scenes with this charas. Every chara is just perfect and really cute and funny. And the sense of humor of Hetalia is exactly the one I like the most. Reading Hetalia I'm always laughing or smiling because every single panel is really funny to me xD Reading Hetalia you can also learn very much about history. At first I thought it was the other way round: I thought you wouldn't understand the jokes of Hetalia if you don't know the facts of earth's history well enough. But it's not like this at all: Reading Hetalia I myself learned really much about history although I didn't know anything about it before reading Hetalia because I just wasn't interested in things like that, but know I am^^

3. Yakitate!Japan

I didn't read all volumes of Yakitate!Japan and I also didn't watch the anime. But I'm gonna do both if I have time the next months… Yakitate!Japan is one of the funniest mangas I've ever read, it made me laugh so many times xD There are so many charas just to make the story funny, I love that!! I also like the topic Yakitate!Japan is about: Bread and bakeries, it's such a simple topic and though Takashi Hashiguchi-sensei made a really really funny story out of it =) It's too bad that only the first 8 volumes have been translated into German T.T But I'm gonna read the other ones in English because I really want to know how the story goes on.

TOP 3 Animes:

1. Hetalia

Although I haven't known Hetalia for very long it's already my fav anime. After reading some chaptures of the manga I started watching the anime and I loved it - just like the manga =D It's very very similar to the manga and the stories are almost the same, so I've already told the important facts above I think. But for the anime there is one thing to add: What I love about the anime is that there are more romance scenes than in the manga. It's not a romance anime of course because the focus is only on comedy, but there are many hints and most of them are yaoi, I love that because I'm a big big yaoi fan ^_^

2. Pokémon

Pokémon was the first anime I ever watched. I started watching Pokémon when I was only 4 years old and I still love it <3 I don't like the Pokémon Games so much, I only like Mystery Dungeon. But I love the anime and also the Trading Card Game. I have almost 4000 Pokémon Trading Cards and I've collected them since I was 5 years old. And I also have always loved to draw Pokémon since I began watching the anime. In my room the walls are full of Pokémon posters, some bought and some drawn by me xD What I like most about Pokémon is the idea itself. It really impressed me =D And there are so many different Pokémon, it's really impressive just to see the number of Pokémon or anime episodes o.o I've seen every single episode of the Pokémon anime and I'm stil watching the new episodes every week. But I like the episodes of the earlier seasons much more than the new ones. I think the anime becomes worse and worse… I really loved the episodes with Misty, because they were cute, interesting and funny, there was a great sense of humor in every episode and Team Rocket was always so funny xDD In every episode there was a great new story idea. But in the later episodes there were just fights and it was really always the sme T.T And I really hate that Team Rocket has become "cool" now… They aren't funny at all anymore…

3. Fairy Tail

I love Fairy Tail!! I don't read the manga, but I want to start reading it soon. But I love love love the anime <33 I think Fairy Tail is a must-see for every anime fan!! The story is gorgeous and never becomes boring and every happening fits perfectly into the story line ^_^ In every episodes there will happen something you wouldn't have expected o.o And the comedy and drama are both really great in Fairy Tail. I watch the new episode of Fairy Tail every week and I think there should be more than one episode a week, because it's horrible always to wait for so long TT.TT But when the new episode is out I'm always sooo happy =DD I loved Fairy Tail from the first episode and there was not a single episode I didn't like!! There were just some episodes I found a bit annoying: The ones with the cats who were just crying the whole time =// I didn't really like that and I think they should have shortened the episodes with the cats because they weren't interesting at all… The caras in Fairy Tail are all great and really funny. Every chara is different and none is boring or annoying, because they all have there good things and interesting personalities and past stories. With all these stories the anime never becomes boring. I really really hope Fairy Tail would never end and just always go on with new interesting and great ideas =D

So this were my top 3 animes and mangas. I'd be glad if you would make some comments and tell me your opinion about my favs =D