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hi everyone. i got a question how to download the dOta.? i got the game but every time i attempt to download it my worldcreator thing wont let me. please help me.

 yatsky posted over a year ago
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demontigz1 said:
Did you have your Warcraft 3 1.24 ~ 1.24e on your PC??? If you have. Just download a dota allstars map on or on Then affter downloading.. Just copy the file and past on your warcraft3 folder>map>downloads ... Then run your warcraft3 game and go to localareanetwork>create>downloads>dotamapfile ... then put an computer enemy then start the game. Its very easy.. But if it dosnt work. Just delete the worldcreator on the folder.. Its not important in the files. It just a file to create your own map.!
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posted over a year ago 
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