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Meredith/Derek ::Parachute::

|| Meredith&Derek | That's how strong my love is ||

Meredith & Derek - Don`t let me be the last to know

Meredith & Derek {sweet dreams ♥}

Meredith and Derek the bath-tube moment

Derek & Meredith//Need You Now

Meredith/Derek Tribute

Meredith & Derek ◘ make this go on forever ♥

Meredith & Derek - Fools Like Me

Meredith & Derek {My Angel ♥}

I Love You Always Forever (Derek & Meredith)

Meredith/Derek - To Build A Home

Derek|Meredith - By Your Side

Fairytale {Meredith & Derek}

'Hot' Collab - My Part - Meredith and Derek

Try sleeping with a broken heart - Meredith and Derek (GA)

My Part || Derek & Meredith || In My Head Collab

Meredith/Derek - Only One

Meredith & Derek // Come Around {TDEC}

Meredith and Derek - innocence

Meredith + derek ♥

Meredith & Derek // i never told you {Finale}

Meredith Derek I Am Your Knight in Shining Whatever

Mer/Der [Need You Now]

Meredith e Derek- Heaven

Meredith/Derek - Everytime we touch!!

Meredith & Derek - I mean this

When I'm With You\\Meredith Derek\\Collab W DAmandiineT

meredith and derek • come on, closer

Meredith & Derek: Marching on (Greys Anatomy)

Meredith/Derek - In My Veins

Find a Way (Meredith/Derek)

Need You Now (Meredith/Derek)

Derek & Meredith - Exam Room Sex

i gave you all [meredith & derek s6 finale]

Meredith/Derek ;; At the Reaper's door

Meredith/Derek [AU] See You Soon

derek shepherd

Grey's Anatomy - Derek Shepherd is shot

I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now

Meredith/Derek - Gravity

Derek & Meredith- We Belong Together

Derek Shepherd- Don't Say It's Too Late

Derek & Meredith- Kissing You

Derek & Addison- Mad World

Derek & Addison- Under The Waves

Derek & Meredith- Dare You To Move

Derek & Addison- Love's Divine

Derek & Meredith- Do You Know

Derek & Meredith- This Isn't All We Could Be