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Review by NMSLlover posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I have been reading fanfiction since 2001, there are some good fics and a shitload of bad ones but then you have NMSL. The author, LH will forever be my #LemonQueen. Let me tell you why.

She emailed me a little something we like to call the “lemon challenge”. It’s a twitter thing.
(Please come join us #NMSL) I tweet that NOTHING will stop me from reading, not even very good lemons. That I am so adapted to all different types of lemon, that no scenario will ever get my pulse rate flying high or my heart beating a little faster. God I'm such a liar, I’ll say anything to get my NMSL fix.

I challenge, she writes, I read and then I'm supposed to tell her my thoughts and feelings. The lemon is quite detailed, and tons of fun to read. The last one blew me away – literally, and did things to my body - autonomic bodily responses.

Despite the level of “stress” I have to go through when I read, I love every minute of it!
It`s a pure pleasure, like when you eat your favourite food, you get that immense satisfaction. Or when you watch your favourite love scene in a film, your body temperature rises, and your spine tingles. Well...