I have been reading fanfiction since 2001, there are some good fics and a shitload of bad ones but then you have NMSL. The author, LH will forever be my #LemonQueen. Let me tell you why.

She emailed me a little something we like to call the “lemon challenge”. It’s a twitter thing.
(Please come join us #NMSL) I tweet that NOTHING will stop me from reading, not even very good lemons. That I am so adapted to all different types of lemon, that no scenario will ever get my pulse rate flying high or my heart beating a little faster. God I'm such a liar, I’ll say anything to get my NMSL fix.

I challenge, she writes, I read and then I'm supposed to tell her my thoughts and feelings. The lemon is quite detailed, and tons of fun to read. The last one blew me away – literally, and did things to my body - autonomic bodily responses.

Despite the level of “stress” I have to go through when I read, I love every minute of it!
It`s a pure pleasure, like when you eat your favourite food, you get that immense satisfaction. Or when you watch your favourite love scene in a film, your body temperature rises, and your spine tingles. Well that`s the feeling I get from a good lemon without guilt or shame. It just feels so good!

And why do I have this attraction to Hannibal you ask? Yeah you know why, even if it feels too good to say it out loud. It’s because of Sir Anthony Hopkins, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE HANNIBAL and the sexual appeal he has on us.

Come now; don't be offended just because I said the S word. We all have it, play with it, and some of us get to play with others as well.

Then you have the one writer who plays with all of us. Who feeds our imagination, gives us shameless explicit descriptions that we all want, but dare not admit. Fear is the one thing that inhibits people to experience the ecstasy of lovemaking. We all know that. But not everyone can admit to being ruled by fear.

Some people might get offended by the action of pure pleasure, but that offense comes out of fear or inexperience or perhaps even morale issues. Some of you may call it porn, however I call it love. And how can I call the graphic details love? Well that's easy. H&C - when there is love, there are no boundaries! There is trust and respect. No basis for fear and shame.

It appeals to us (at least to me) because there are no rejection issues. Think about it for a minute: what do we all want? What do we seek out in life? Acceptance for who we are - our identity, we all want love in its purest form.

Hannibal the Cannibal and Special Agent Clarice Starling, together! Without being bound by fear or shame. It’s just beautiful.

The author shocks us with the sexual situations, but it’s neatly wrapped up in the symbiotic pleasure of giving, receiving and sharing. The act of love itself and oh boy, do we get off on it.

The story of Hannibal and his Clarice has captured thousands of hearts and as you might have guessed by now, mine. And the wonderful world of fan fiction takes them where the movies didn't.

If you haven't read NMSL I would encourage you to do so. Counting nearly 2000 reviews and I would imagine several personal messages; this is the one fiction that is true to the character the master Thomas Harris created. And the best thing about it is, LH has perfected dear H to fit within our imagination. He lives, he loves, he kills, and he eats. He does all the things we like him to do. And believe me, Cannibal or not, Clarice has him by the balls. Just because she`s in bed with him, doesn’t mean that she will swallow everything that Hannibal dishes out.

No More a Savage Life is one hell of a roller coaster ride, even without the lemony parts.
It’s the life of Hannibal Lecter after the movie Hannibal. It takes us where Ridley Scott didn’t have the courage to go, which apparently was because the audience would not accept it. What a load of crap! He ruined the film by making it politically correct. A huge disappointment and an insult to us the true fans of Hannibal.

The essential thing that separates this story from all the others is the deep understanding of Hannibal's complexity. He is not an easy man to write. The way he walks and talks. The way he dresses, his high moral understanding of right and wrong, or his animalistic sensory capabilities and the eternal love he has for Clarice Starling. All done spirit of Mr Harris.

And the author does it with such grace and elegance, that she can make any word whether its describing human body parts and or sexual interactions between the couple sound sensual and so full of love, you can almost taste and visualize it.

This is a love story, created by Thomas Harris, and perfected by LH.

She is the voice of our obsession, our deepest desires and fantasies.

She is a writer virtuoso, she is the #LEMONQUEEN!!!!

Her name is LH and she is the author of No More a Savage Life.

*We love you so much,
A big hug from your beloved #NMSL family.*