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My Eyes (On the Rise) Cover Music Video

Dr Horrible and Penny 💙💙💙

Special - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Preview

Dr Blowhole singing Slipping :3


Believe it or not

Better Than Neil - Fanvid


Billy/Penny fanvid

A Photograph of You

BrainStorm! Evil League of Evil Application

Evil League of Evil: The Sock

UltraJoeBot Evil League of Evil Application

Earl Grey Evil League of Evil Application

Captain Hammers Bash-Along Blog Trailer

Neil Patrick Harris Wins Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series

Evil League of Evil Application: The Victorian's Moving Picture Journal

Wholesale Hannah ELE Application

Dr. Horrible Analysis

Dr. Horrible's Revenge of Jonny Snow Teaser

Dr. Horrible Rendered as a Video Game

For Felicia Day (With Love, From Jed and Maurissa)

Horrible Turn: A Fan-made Dr. Horrible Prequel

Trailer for Fan-made Dr. Horrible Prequel: Horrible Turn

Joss and the Horrible Cast Accept Their Emmy

Dr Horrible on the Emmys

The Dastardly Duo of Disaster Apply to the Evil League of Evil!

Showstopper - Evil League of Evil Application

Evil League Of Evil - L'Enfant Terrible

Story of a Girl by Priscilla Chee

Evil League of Evil Application: The Pocket Paradox

Skull Spider: An Evil League of Evil Application

Dr. Horrible's Joss Whedon describes how writers can control their own destinies in New Media

Captain Hammer Movie Trailer

NPH does the rolling fingers before Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible and Barney Stinson Suit Up

Jed and Maurissa's Favorite Food Songs

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 14) Steve's Song

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 13) Commentary (Reprise)

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 12) Neil's Turn

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 11) Heart (Broken)

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 10) Nobody's Asian In The Movies

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 09) All About Me

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 08) Ninja Ropes

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 07) Nobody Wants To Be Moist

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 06) Zack's Flavor

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 05) It's All About The Art

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 04) Better Than Neil

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 03) 10 Dollar Solo

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 02) Strike

Commentary! The Musical! (Audio Only): 01) Commentary!

the Reverend's ELE Application

Tur-Mohel 's Evil League Of Evil Application

Mr. Terrible's ELE Application

Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog: Act III

Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog: Act I

Falling Into Black - Billy & Penny

Fanvid: Captain Hammer/Penny - Innocence

The German Dr. Horrible part II

Fanvid: Captain Hammer/Penny - Under Your Spell

Fanvid: Johnny Snow - Trailer

The German Dr. Horrible

Fanvid: Dr. Horrible - I Crush Everything

Fanvid: Dr. Horrible/Penny - Falling

Fanvid: Dr. Horrible/Penny - Lovesong

Fanvid: Dr. Horrible/Penny - In the End

Dr. Horrible segment on Extra

And These Are Not the Hammer...

Dr. Horrible/Penny- Roadside

Dr. Horrible- Everyone's a Hero

Dr. Horrible- So They Say

Dr. Horrible: A Man's Gotta Do (+ Reprise)

Dr. Horrible: The Nightmare's Real (Finale)

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - On the Rise

Dr. Horrible: Laundry Day

Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon, The Guild at Comic Con 2008

Lunchbox - Dr. Howser? Dr. Horrible!

Bad Horse Songs Performed Acoustically by Fan

Video Analysis of Act III and the Billy/Dr. Horrible Dichotomy

Dr. Horrible third song: Bad horse letter

Dr. Horrible thirteenth song: Finale

Dr. Horrible fourth song: A Caring Hand

Dr. Horrible eighth song: Story Of A Girl

Dr. Horrible eleventh song: Everyone's A Hero

Dr. Horrible tenth song: Perfect Story

Dr. Horrible fifth song: A Man's Gotta Do

Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog - On The Rise

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Freeze Ray

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Slipping

Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Act II

Dr. Horrible Team To Sing The DVD Commentary?

Dr. Horrible Is A Hit With Fans, Despite Launch Issues

It's A Brand New Day

Dr DreadFul's YouTube Riposte to Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog

Trailer on YouTube