Juliet Burke, as you probably know, was a member of the 'Others' that is now hangin' with Jack's group of losties. Lots of curious people have been askin me "why do you like Juliet? she's stupid!" or whatever.

First of all, I feel bad for her! She misses her sister, she can't go home, and Ben killed Goodwin! Ben is so in her face and treats her like link!

Secondly, she holds up very well for someone who's on the wrong side of an obsession, and is basically being held captive on a crazy death-island. I love her character and the way she handles crazy situations.I think she is the best thing to happen to LOST since "A Tale of Two Cities" [my favourite episode by the way] when she was first introduced.

So there, I just like this character! Mitchell is a great actress, I feel for poor Juliet, and she really adds to the drama of my favourite show!
*ALSO, Jack and Juliet [the 'ship] has no impact on these opinons! Thats a different subject! ;)
Juliet treats her sister in "Not in Portland"