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All my dreams were in vain
so why am I still dreaming again and again?
It's like I wouldn't know any better.
No matter
what I do or plan
I failed...and will be failing again.
It's like I'm lost at see
and everything here is me.
No ship and no shore
Am I lost forevermore?
My once hoping heart
slowly starts to fall apart.
And no one is here to catch my fall
nothing has changed after all.
I'm cold inside
and I got no place to hide.
Sadness has taken over me
I don't know how to break free
All left alone
my heart feels like it's made of stone
No one to talk to no one to miss
to love to hate or to kiss
I'm crying
but though I'm trying
no one is coming to rescue me
the cry was too silent even for me.
I live my life as I always do
Though I'm still waiting on you.
But all my attempts were in vain.
So tell me, why am I still trying again?