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Opinion by EnjoyHuddy posted over a year ago
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I agree! So Hot!

Once upon a time lived a woman whose name was Lisa Cuddy. One Day she was at the shopping store when everyone began telling her how sexy she was. From that day on, Cuddy knows she's the sexiest woman of all, or at least that's what she thinks. And so she lived a happily ever after.

Duh, it was so hard to write this ff!!! Hope you enjoyed as much as I do.For the Cuddy Appreciation Day! (C.A.D.)!!!!!!
Fan fiction by HuddyRox posted over a year ago
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Episode 3: Occam’s Razor
Rating: T

“Go find Cuddy and kiss her ass.” That’s what Wilson had told him. That was why he was standing at her office door right now. And that was why he was doing something he hadn’t done since his first day working there. He knocked.

“Come in.” She was working diligently on paperwork. When she heard the thump of his cane, she was sure that she had to be mistaken. She looked up slowly. “House? Are you okay?”

He set several files on her desk. “My paperwork”

She flipped through the papers in complete disbelief. “You actually did paperwork? And not only that, but this actually looks thorough and professional. What’s going on, House?”

“Its part of my job isn’t it?”

“Yes, but that still doesn’t explain why you did it. You’re not known for doing your least without you being forced to do so. So, why’d you do it?”

“You know something...the glasses are pretty sexy. You look like…a naughty librarian.”
Fan fiction by HuddyRox posted over a year ago
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Rating: T (to be safe)
Summary: Continuation of “Paternity”

House didn’t know how long he’d been standing on that lacrosse field. But the sun had gone down hours ago and the sky was now pitch black and his breath was visible. He shook his head and downed two Vicodin before finally heading back to his car. He’d be lying if he said that his missed his old life. Looking back, college was the best time of his life. Lacrosse, running, tons of girls falling over themselves to get to him, Cuddy…he smiled faintly at those memories. She’d pursued him, but not in that way. She was intrigued by him and the way his mind worked, but refused to let herself be another one of his conquests. Well, playing hard to get was definitely the wrong move. It made him want her that much more. She became his focus and one of his biggest challenges to date. He gave her credit though, she had managed to hold him off longer than he ever could’ve imagined. But the last night they had together at Michigan…well, she finally caved. And oh what a night it was.