Dr. Lisa Cuddy Why are Cuddy fans the best!?

Pick one:
Because we flail over shoes, dresses and hair
Even if she has a second of screen time it makes for hours of conversation
Because we've all had to question our sexuality in regards to Cuddy
Because smashing of the keyboard when scrubs are in the picture is amazing
Who else would care so strongly about getting their character laid?
Because 13.599 million people tuned in to watch "5 to 9"
Because we secretly quote her all of the time
Because several outfits in our wardrobe have some inspiration from her
Because getting Cuddy naked is a sick pastime for us ;)
Because sprinkles on ice cream is a must for us now
Because boobs, legs and asses are never dull topics of conversation
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 oldmovie posted over a year ago
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