Name:Robert Chase

born:in Australia in about 1970's

Occupation:the diagnostic team's cardiologist and intensive care specialist

Marital Status:Allison Cameron (divorced)

His Mother:was an alcoholic who died 10 years ago (from season 1)

His Father:Rowan Chase was wealthy and world renowned rheumatologist.In the pilot,House revealed that he hired Chase because a phone call his father made.he died from lung was revealed that he left Chase out of his will.

Early Life:he had a wild teenage years ,dealing with drugs and sex because of lack of parental supervision,Chase also appears to have been spoiled unlike the others he never lacked for or cared about money

Higher Education:Chase was raised a Roman Catholic,he attended a seminary after graduating high school

Personality:he follows House's orders without arguing(most of the time),he will do anything to protect his job,he's very smart but doesn't like to show off,he can think outside the box,he's great with kids and funny,he also seams to dislike the fact that he's handsome probably because House gives him a hard time about it

His Relationship with the others: he pretty much get along with everybody,it feels like he's everybody's best friend
with House:Chase seams to be House fav from the ducklings,House always sends mixed signals to us about what he thinks of Chase,he goes from letting Chase hug him to call him an idiot to put up with letting Chase hit him in the face,Chase does seem to genuinely like House,House uses Chase as he's to go to guy when he needs something

With Foreman:they seam to be good pals,hanging out a lot.

with Cameron:they started off as "friends with benefits",quickly he started to fall for her but she didn't want anything serious,but she was only scared of commitment after resolving their issues they got married, but after chase killed a an African dictator patient Dibala because he was going to go back to Africa and kill all of the "cockroaches",he told her the truth,she decides to leave him because Chase chooses "House" instead of her and he cannot distinguish between good and evil anymore.
but Cameron tells Chase that she did love him and will miss being with him. They make love for the last time. (6x17)

with Taub:they are not that close but they are friends and they have their moments.

with Thirteen:they were friends at first but in the beginning of season 7 he asked her to have sex with him ,she said no then hugged him which gave him mixed signals and in ep 7x22 they seam to grow closer after he helped her with her friend and because he knows what she's going throw after killing her brother

with Cuddy and Wilson:he seams to be a good friend of both but they don't have a lot of scenes together

i jut love him,he's a great character ♥
i hope u like it