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Best Of Chase | House M.D.

Chase fan vid


sneak peek ignorance is a bliss

House MD 6x05 Instant Karma Sneak Peek #1

chase doesn't wanna be in love...

House, Cameron and Chase | Already Gone

Chase/Cameron - At the Low Tide

House MD - 'Epic Fail' (6x03) Preview

Spoilers From JS!

House MD - Chase - Million Things To Say

chase/cameron Where the story ends

chase/ cameron Pictures of you


chase and cameron accidentally in love

top secret chase and cameron

chase is a trainwreck

House MD Fanvid - Robert Chase - Colors


Robert Chase-Feeling Good

Patience, Chase: Chase/House

Chase: Feeling Good

Dr Robert Chase - How Soon Is Now

Jesse Spencer about Season 5 Finale

House - Pretty Fly For a White Guy

In the End

Chase wants his share!

House/grey's anatomy: Chase/ izzie--Hot

Dr. Chase - Stone sour Bother

[BLOOPERS] Dr.House & Dr.Chase

Funny House/Chase scene

Some Devil - Chase/Andie

Wilson/Chase - Cry

Truly Madly Deeply - Chase/Wilson

House vs Chase

Learned from the best - House/Chase

Drown - House/Chase

Chase hugs House

House/Chase What Have You Done?

Whatever's Left

Chase Sooooo Cute Guy

Missing You

Jesse Spencer, Dr. Robert Chase svr08

Missing Chase

Robert Chase: Staring at the Sun

Chase fanvid

! PINK !

Poor Little Rich Boy

Dr. Robert Chase - Don't Stop Me Now

Chase---electrical storm

Chase M.D.

Dr. Chase Movie Trailer (House MD)

I Feel Pretty

CHASE: Its His Life

bad boy - robert chase

foolish boy -robert chase

"Broken Angel" - Dr Robert Chase FanVid

Yesterday- Chase

Robert Chase- You Better You Bet

House and Chase: A staring contest

Chase's Insult