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Fan fiction by hottiecoolcat posted over a year ago
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Summary: What if Reid had gotten shot in Derailed.
When Bryar turned his back, Reid took his opportunity to get gun. He grabbed for gun and struggled to get it from the disturbed man's hands.

When the gun was finally solely in Reid's hands, a gunshot rang out.

For a moment everyone on the train was confused, from where the shot came from since the supposed 'technician' had it in his hands and didn't have his finger on the trigger.

Reid was confused as well, but when he went to pocket the gun, he felt a strong sting of pain in his shoulder.

He looked down at his shoulder and noticed the blood that was soaking through his shirt.

Gideon then came into train and took one look at the younger agent who was bleeding from his shoulder.

Reid looked over at Gideon in horror and confusion.

Gideon made a hasty retreat over to Reid and gently eased him onto the floor so that he could work on stopping the bleeding coming from Reid's shoulder.
Fan fiction by coole440 posted over a year ago
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>> I can tell you know, this is my 6:30 AM too much Criminal Minds idea.... It starts out as a kinda everyone story but it goes into a more of a Reid superhero, good guy, savior, person thing... I don't know. Well thanks for at least reading this and I hope you like the actual story. (* hoping you didn't kinda leave after reading this alone*)

JJ looked over the current unsolved crimes going on around the world, when one especially caught her eye. "Everyone into the briefing room," she spoke into her walkie-talkie. She walked straight into the briefing room, going to the front, JJ noticed the pictures of the crime were already up. "As you all can see, this is a very strange mass murder we are looking into. the MO of this crime changes, on this occasion," she said pointing to a picture that featured a barely recognizable picture of a fairly large woman, burned and stabbed to death, "The murderer stabbed this woman, Sarah Willson age 46, in two major arteries bleeding her slowly to death, then as if for extra measures they burned her to death." Reid looked up from his copy of the case, "They?" JJ nodded, "Yes, why?"
Fan fiction by reid4infinity posted over a year ago
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Garcia walked into her apartment after a date with kevin. as soon as she crossed the threshold she felt really,REALLY cold. she dropped her purse and put on her rainbow pajamas. she wrapped herself in what seemed to be seven blankets. Not enough. she blasted the heat to 90 degrees. still freezing. she drank tea and ate hot soup...nada. Soon, she got used to the cold. then, she got a little warm. then, she slowly got hotter and hotter. she removed her blankets, turned the A-C to a comfy 30 degrees and had some ice cream. she only then realized that she had gone from freezing to boiling in only two minutes. maybe something was wrong with her. she had to call doctor reid ASAP. she thought about that stupid loser who looked at her very innappropriately and went for a scoop of cream, when she realised it was frozen solid. what the snap was going on?


kevin had the exact opposite when he came home. he got really hot, then really cold. he proceeded to try and make dinner, thinking it was probably nothing that serious. he took a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and put them in the wok. in seven...