**Based on Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds...**

Story is in Third Person::

1990- Las Vegas 3:01PM

The day was winding down to an end at Las Vegas High School. When Cynthia Moore ran up to twelve year old Spencer Reid in the library, reading a thick book- most kids in his grade (Seniors) couldn't even think about reading.

"Hey Spencer, Alexa Carter wants to see you behind the football house." She smiled, looking at him.

Alexa was easily the prettiest girl in school. Without giving it a second thought, he followed Cynthia out of the library and down the hill to the football house.

It's easy to say that Alexa was there... with the whole football team. The football team stripped Spencer naked and tied him to the goal post. Spencer was mortified. Paralyzed from embarrassment.

Hoards and crowds of people gathered to stare at skinny, slinky, nerdy Spencer. The crowds kept laughing and staring, Spencer grew darker and darker red. The crowd faded as the sky did. That's when an eleven year old girl with a deep red pony tail came running up to Spencer.

Not looking at his nude, pale body she untied him from the cold post. His arms and waist marked from the harsh hold of the ropes. "Are you okay?" she asked, looking around for his clothes. Finding them scattered behind the football house.

She gathered them up and handed them over. Turning around so he could dress. "Okay isn't the term I'd use in this situation..." he muttered, sliding his sweater vest over his head.

"I'm sorry..." she said, turning, seeing he was dressed.

"It isn't your fault unless you instructed them to do that."

"I didn't."

"Okay, well, who are you?"

"Sarah, I'm Alexa's little sister... she had me come get her gym bag."

"I see, well, thank you for helping me out."

"No problem... Bye Spencer!" she called, running in the other direction, waving an arm over her head.

"Bye, hey, how'd you know my name?!"

But she was already gone.

Spencer jerked awake from his dream, to here the team snickering. He was on the jet. Rubbing his eyes his eyes, "Sorry, I was having a nightmare."

"We see that, you were talking in your sleep." Pertinence said, looking up from a file.

"Sorry..." he mumbled.

Hotchner tossed the file in his lap, "Time to go over the case... again."

Clearing his throat, he sat up. "Yeah, so what's the victims name?" he asked, flipping open the file.

"Sarah Carter."


Hope you like it ^-^