Sabrines POV

The day my letter came through the door, I knew I was one of the lucky few going to Hogwarts, the BEST Wizardry school in our land,
By our land, I mean of course us witches and wizards, excluding all the muggles. But I can’t say much about Muggles, for I am half a muggle.
My father died when I was 7, but I know he was a full Muggle, whilst my Mother was a Witch, a pure blood.
My mother had to hide the fact that he was a Muggle, and when they got married My grandparents went out the picture and refused to ever see me, her or my father again.
But anyways, onto the more exciting stuff!
Here I am now, in platform 9 and three quarters, I’m not quite sure how I got here, I remember going into my mums portal in her room, and ending up here, but all I know is that I am carrying a lot of heavy stuff, including cauldrons, wands, my pet raccoon (Yes, I wanted to be different) and a few other bits and bobs.
It’s two minutes until the train comes, oh, here it is now! Drawing onto the station, oh, here comes a small, ginger boy now, with a knitted jumper far too big for him, brilliant green eyes,and pale skin, he is accompanied by a rather scruffy boy, blue eyes, dark hair, scruffy clothes, a scar on his forehead, scruffy trousers
That’s Harry Potter! The boy who lived!
Oh god, I need to stop talking to myself.
Onto the story:
I got onto the train, closely, but not stalkerishly following the two boys, I had some coins on me, enough for some snacks and so on the train, but that was it really, I watched the two boys go onto the train carriage together, settle down and I quickly jumped opposite them both, and shut the door quickly
“Sorry to catch your attention suddenly, but.. are you Harry Potter?” I said
He nodded slowly, the ginger one was looking at his new friend in pride
“Hello! I’m Sabrine, nice to meet you, You are?” I said nicely, offering my palm out to the red head.
“Ron, Ron weasley.” He said, with a mouth full of a squashed ham sandwich.
“Nice to meet you both, really it is!” I grinned at them both, they both grinned back
Suddenly Zara ran out of her cage
“Zara!” I yelled
“What is that monster?” Ron said, protecting his rat
“It’s Zara! My raccoon!” I said defensively
“A raccoon! Blimey!” Ron said
“Can I stroke it?” Harry said politely
“Sure you can!” I said, thrusting Zara at Harry
Suddenly, a frizzy haired girl ran in mumbling about how her friend lost a rat, and then she made herself comfortable quickly next to me
“You’re Harry Potter!” She said loudly
He nodded, again
“Wow, Harry you must get tired of this” I said
He smirked at me, his blue eyes softened slightly
“Who are YOU?” Hermione said to me and Ron
We introduced herself, and vice versa.
Ron got out his wand, mumbling about turning his rat yellow
“Ooh, lets see then.” She said in a snobbish way
Ron muttered some random words that didn’t make sense, to see that it didn’t work
“what a load of rubbish!” She said, about to get up
I quickly got my wand out and muttered a rainbow spell, soon Scabbers was every colour of the rainbow, but then I faded it after a few minutes.
They all stared at me in awe, I couldn’t help but grin in pride
“My father taught me that spell!” My face suddenly softened in admiration for him, It wasn’t actually father, mother did, but I can’t let anyone know I’m half of a muggle..
“I always used to be fussy with what colours I wore on my dresses, so he would be nice to me and let me pick any colour with the spell that he taught me.” I droned on, they all smiled
“But then he died when I was 7, so I learnt to make objects and animals different colours instead.” I said
“My parents died too.” Harry said, all of us nodded.
To quickly change the subject, Hermione quickly cast a spell on Harry’s glasses
“See.” She boasted
“I preferred the rainbows...” Ron said
“Ugh.” She said, and flounced off.
Soon, the tray of food came down, Ron looked longingly into the food tray, and me and Harry caught his glances, so I got my money out, and before I could speak, a voice came over me
“We will buy everything, please!” Harry smiled
“But, I only have 50 Gringotts!” I protested
“On me” Harry smiled.
After munching endlessly through wrappers and chocolates, I thanked Harry then made my own way to Hogwarts, I got on a boat with two guys and a girl,
“Hello, I’m Sabrine” I grinned at them both
“Trent” One said, we both looked at him in awe. His voice had deepened already? Wow,
“Adrian.” The other said, smiling
“Hannah” The girl said
“I hope to be in slytherin.” Adrian and Hannah said
I nodded too, that house looked really good!
We were soon greeted by Professor McGonagall, she told us about the four houses, and so with it, we burst into the grand hall. I saw Potter and waved at him, and dragged my new friends over to where Potter was,
We all gasped, There were candles floating everywhere.
We all gathered in a large crowd around the sorting hat, A few people were called first, then Draco was called
The hat barely touched his head and the hat screamed out ‘SLYTHERIN’
Trent sat down, with a few eyes on him, he was unique looking, bright green eyes and brilliant black hair, sweeped of course,
The hat paused for a moment before yelling out ‘HUFFLEPUFF’
Harry, Ron and the annoying girl was put into Gryffindor
Adrian got up, to sit down on the chair, he put the hat on his head
“Hmm, A big heart I can see, oh yes, you’ve got brain cells, quite a few, perhaps Ravenclaw is the one for you? Or yet, i’m on the brink between HufflePuff and Gryffindor I think, but true greatness and power does shine through so SLYTHERIN IS THE ONE FOR YOU!” (excuse my cheesiness, its 1am and im tired and need to go to bed and trying to wrap this story up)
Slytherin cheered, and Adrian sat next to Draco.
A girl with an annoying face sat down, she had airs about her and was a snob, worse than Hermione even.
“Ah, Victoria, yes, without a doubt, Slytherin”
Hannah sat down, and straight got Slytherin
A few people watched me
“Ahh, a girl with a pretty face, I see” The hat said loudly, attracting more glances from people, I blushed a deep pink
“Ah yes, very pretty, could be perceived as malicious, slytherin could be the best bet, but yet you could suit in Hufflepuff for your talent, you could gain anyones respect by your looks and use it for good or evil, but you would of course use them for good, I sense that you are very caring indeed, so I see, I guess if you go on your way, I shall put you in SLYTHERIN” Slytherin cheered very loudly
I walked over to where Slytherin sat, and Adrian beckoned for me to sit over there, but before I could sit down, Victoria deliberately sat inbetween them and pushed me off.
A few people laughed at me, so I dusted myself off
“You’re going to wish you never done that.” I said, with a plastered grin on my face.
“Wow, she is a Slytherin.” Someone said, and a few people nodded
“What are you going to do? Smile-kill me to death?” Victoria said, trying to copy my smile, a few others laughed
“Nah, i’m alright, i’m not as fake as you are, let’s see.” I grinned, getting out my wand, a few scared glances were shot at me, Draco and Adrian and Hannah sat back, smirking at me
“Let’s see..” I repeated, muttering some words, and all of Victorias makeup faded, her extensions fell out and burnt to a crisp, her white, chiselled teeth were back to normal, braces were put on her mouth, and her chicken fillets fell out of her bra, making her about 3 sizes smaller.
“Ah, the true Victoria, Pleasure to be at your acquaintance.” I said mockingly, in a patronizing voice, putting my hand forward to shake hers.
She got up in fury to leave
“You wait, Ferrars!” She yelled
“That’s DE Ferrars, to you! And I can’t wait to try on new spells to you, my dear.” I said, and I sat down in the seat that Adrian saved me
“That was really cool.” Draco said, smiling at me, I gave him a coy smile back, and smirked at him
“You aren’t bad, De Ferrars, perhaps we could put that pretty face to mally, and we could have a strong witch in Slytherin.” Snape said, placing his hand on my shoulder.
I smirked at him
I fit into this place so much.
“Severus, I do believe you aren’t allowed to use magic out of lessons.” Miss McGonagall came up behind us and put a cold hand on my shoulder
“But it was a good defense tactic to stand up for herself.” Snape said
“Nethertheless, it’s Detention worthy, My office, tomorrow.” She said
“Great, what a brilliant start.” I muttered, sliding in my chair, I ate a small amount and then got up to leave
Hannah trailed after me
“Hey, Sabrine! You forgot your wand!” She said, placing it in my hand
“Oh, i’m a clutz.” I said, smiling at her
“No problem, let’s find the common room, right? Password is Umbrella Stand” She whispered to me
It was about 30 minutes until we settled in our dorm room, unpacked, and sorted ourselves out, then I asked if I wanted to explore Hogwarts with Hannah.
“Sure thing!” I smiled
A few Slytherins coming down into the dungeons smiled at me, winked, waved, whatever, but joked with me about Victoria.
“Where is she?” Hannah said to me
“Dunno, but not my problem.” I smiled
We reached the stairs, to see Ron and Harry looking down at the dungeons, they looked alarmed to see me
“S-Sabrine! Sorry...” They said, about to leave
“You two numbskulls, I just said Hi” I said, waving at them
“Oh, okay” They said
“Just because I done that thing to Victoria doesn’t mean i’m like that with everyone, come on!” I said
“Yeah, Ron don’t be scared, just because she was like that with one person doesn’t mean she’s like that to everyone, On the train she was lovely.” Harry smiled
“Thanks Harry” I said, my face softened and I held both my hands out for them to take
They both took it, and I squeezed their hands, then let go.
Draco came down the stairs just at that moment
“Sabrine! What are you doing touching that dirty half blood, poor ginger, and that horrid potter?” Draco said, slicking his hair back slightly more
“Honestly, they aren’t bad.” I smiled at him, hoping his face would retaliate into a smile, but it didn’t, it stayed into a mask
“Come on, De Ferrars! I thought you were alright after dinner, but now, you should’ve been a Gryffindor.” He said, looking at me
“Better a Gryffindor than a slytherin.” Harry smirked, and I mimed goodbye to them after leaving with Hannah and Draco.
“You can’t mingle with the wrong people here, Sabrine, really, watch yourself.” Draco said, looking at me seriously.
There was a awkward pause, but as we got into the common room a few people asked me about how I done the spell, I smiled but shook my head
“It’s a De Ferrars secret.” I grinned
Draco looked at me, still with a stern look on his face, I shrugged it off and guessed that he was just like that.
I sat down on the green carpet on the floor next to Adrian and Hannah
Victoria came through the door, scowled at me and then walked off
“We have to see Trent tonight!” I whispered to Adrian and Hannah
They nodded
“We will sneak out tonight, go outside the HufflePuff common room, and i’ll get Zara to go and get Trent.” I smiled
They nodded.
Little did they know that Victoria was listening in on the conversation.
“De Ferrars, your dead to me.” She whispered.