Draco's pov
knock knock knock

i opened the door and there stood _____ tears in her eyes i didnt realize why untill i remember that her mum got sent to Azkaban for useing the kill curse on a muggle.

I'm sorry _____ about your mum at least you can stay here i said

thanks draco she said
i let her in then she pulls somthing out of her pocket it was a Slytherin ring she gave it to me

thats for you it nice to see you it's been awhile she said then i ran upstairs

what the heck she said following me

i didnt resonped

i got to my room went in got to my dresser opend the first drawer and pulled out snake heart shaped necklase and put it on her and she put the ring on me

thanks draco again she said

thanks _____i said

it awsome so what do you what to do she said

dunno walk by our lake i said

ok she said

wheres your suitcass ? i said

oh it in your yard ill go get it she

i chuckled

we went down stairs

where your mum and dad she asked

i dont know when i woke up they werent here wheres your friends i said

why would i bring them here you guys would fight and fight and fight ok anyway harry isnt my friend his my boyfriend she said happyly

and my heart sank because i loved her

thats right we would fight i dont want you hanging around them and why are you dating potter i asked rudly

because i love him she said madly

ok but if he hurts you ill kill him i said

well im getting my suitecass and bring it upstaires she calming down

she got it took it upstaires and came down and we went to walk by the lake and talk i push her in jokingly and i gave her a hand so she could get and she pulled me in we laughted and swimed around spashing eachother play she was like my best friend she got my fellings and how i thought but not about potter wesaley and granger but otherwise yea she knew my flaws and my secerts eveything we were like a brother and sister but we got along but i loved not like family but like a girlfriend but she didnt like me that way she liked potter but that didnt stop me i loved her and thats that. it was like old times where we didnt worrie about the trobled times ahead.

by the way my mum and dad wants me to be a death eater if i be came one would you i asked

yes so you arent the only 16 year old thats a death eater she said

i was shoked by her anwser

cool i said then we just spent the rest of the day in the lake my mum and dad didnt come back that day and i didnt care it was just me and _____