dracos pov
lets go play quidditch i said
no!!____ said
oh yeah you dont know how i said
yes i do i just .....dont kn..like to
you allmost said you dont know how to ha!i said
fine then lets thow a party for every one in our year i said
yes everyone even gyrffindors ? ___ asked
yes i said
ok ill go evaporate to the borrow ok she said
ok be back soon ill do the same for my friends ok i said
then i was in blasie's house yes crabbe and gole were there too actually all the Slytherins were
HEY DOES ANYBODY WANT TO GO TO MY HOUSE FOR A PARTY _____ WILL BE THERE!!!!! i yelled i knew evey boy liked ___ for how she looked
YES!!!! they all yelled
POP! all of us went back to my house

______ pov

i was infront of the weasley's house i went to knok on the door

knock knock

a few sec. later Harry came to the door
____ Harry yelled then eveybody came to the door
do you want to come for a party i asked hoping theyed say yes
sure they said all at the same time
wait i thought that only Fred and George did that i asked joking
they laughed
hey ____ Fred & George said
hi i said
well come on grab my hand i said
we were in Malfoy Manor
what are we doing here where are we Hermione asked
we are at Malfoy Manor why because thats were i live i said
you live in with Malfoy poor you Ron said
before i could say anything Draco cut my off
HEY this my house dont get moulthy about me Ronld
ok Draco Ron said
hey what about the tradions Gole said
oh no i said fast and tryed to get away but before i could Draco had a hold of me a tryed to squirm out of his hands but he was to storng and Harry,Hermione and the weasleys looked confused Draco was carring me out to the lake with the other Slytherins and through me in the lake and lucky me i had a white tee shirt and white pants on (sarercasam(sp?)
ahh!!damn you guys i said trying to cover myself
_____!!! Harry came running to me
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