____ pov.
later that day

LETS PLAY 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN some drunk person yelled

no most of the girls said

its my house and I'm chosening drunk Draco yelled and it's a yes Draco slurred

well in not playing I said lound and clear

everyone is playing

and Pansy is going in first Draco she went in happly I just sat there then it was Hermione
and when Harry came out he had lipstick on his face

WTF Harry I paused for a minute it is over get out everyone out I said madly I was mad as ever

BYE WEALSEYS I yelled I wasnt mad at them a was mad at Granger and Potter

BYE they said

bye guys Draco said at the door

so what do you want to do I asked still mad

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........go to bed I'm going to have a very bad hangover in the moring Draco slurred again

well Im not because I didn't drink I said

because you didn't have fun Draco said

no I didn't well because first you thorw me in water when I have white pants and shirt then you guys have Butterbear and Firewhiskey and I had to be andult then my boyfriend chest on me then I breake up with him I said mad

not a good day Draco said

night I said like a mum

Night Draco said


Sorry its short I felt bad I didn't wright this whole week PLZ COMMENT PLZ