Before Draco could say what I was gone down the Hall and out of the door and evaporated to the weasleys crying I love Draco but not like that it like Hermiones and Harrys relationship I think

Fred and George were outside

Whats wrong suger Fred said

why does everyone call me suger I think

Is harry here I ask

yea George said while holding me like my Brother

now that I think about I a lot of "brothers" I think

He opens the door nobody noitast me and Harry and Ron were playing wizereds chess Rons queen just hit Harrys knight

Thats barbaic I say coping Hermione first year

everyone looks up then and all of them come to hug me thats all the hugs I got at one time that summer

Why didnt you tell us that you were coming Molly said

I didnt know till I was here