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Fan fiction by cherrylips27 posted over a year ago
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still draco's pov.

Draco Draco ___ whisperd in my ear she shaked me a little after her doing that 3 times i got up

Draco wheres your mum and dad huh they werent here yesterday now they arent here today ? she asked

I dont know ok i woke up yesterday and they werent here i said a little mad

ok she said cooly

sorry i said

for what she asked

for getting mad at you for asking where is my mum and dad i said

thanks she said

i didnt say anything

you are my best friend draco she said cooking brekfast

your my too i said my heart sank because i loved her more then that

mabey more she said

what do you mean by that i asked cherring

nothing she lied

ok i let it slide good my malfoy charmed is working
Fan fiction by cherrylips27 posted over a year ago
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Draco's pov
knock knock knock

i opened the door and there stood _____ tears in her eyes i didnt realize why untill i remember that her mum got sent to Azkaban for useing the kill curse on a muggle.

I'm sorry _____ about your mum at least you can stay here i said

thanks draco she said
i let her in then she pulls somthing out of her pocket it was a Slytherin ring she gave it to me

thats for you it nice to see you it's been awhile she said then i ran upstairs

what the heck she said following me

i didnt resonped

i got to my room went in got to my dresser opend the first drawer and pulled out snake heart shaped necklase and put it on her and she put the ring on me

thanks draco again she said

thanks _____i said

it awsome so what do you what to do she said

dunno walk by our lake i said

ok she said

wheres your suitcass ? i said
Fan fiction by cherrylips27 posted over a year ago
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when this is some where ______ it means your name
when this happends ** it means thoughts
when this happends "" it means speking
about you
brown hair pixie hair cut
brown eyes cat like
fare skin
long legs
5'3 is your height i know its shourt but youll grow
hot to the boys your the hotest girl in the school
you look like a modle
your 16
slytherin but diff. because you hang with the trio but your best friend is draco weird i know but deal with it
youve liked draco all your life and you knew him
that long too
draco loves you but you dont see it
next time ill wright but i thought you would be confused if you dont know what is what thanks for reading plz commet plz

bye bye