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posted by Gmillsap02
A Day at the Amusement park

It was 6am at Capsule corp. Vegeta was already up "Training" and Trunks just woke up.

"Trunks ran to where his dad was"

And Trunks said to his dad are we still going to go to the Anusement park"

Vegeta said with a "Angey face" No! Trunks i am the "Prince of all Saiyan" I Dont have time go to Amusement park`s.

Trunsk said but you "Promised" me. At that very Monment Bulma walk in and she said "Trunks what did you father promise you?

Trunks said Rember he said for my birthday he would take me to the Amusement park.

Bulma said to Vegeta did you say that?

Vegeta said yes woman but i am to busy right now.

Bulma said if you don`t take him you cant use the "Gravidy room for 9 weeks

Vegeta looked at bulma with shock and Vegeta said fine woman i will take the brat.

Right before vegeta could walk out of the the "Gravidy room" bulma said you should take goku and goten and pan and bra

Vegeta said No! woman i am not taking that Moron "Kakarot" It`s bad that i have to take Trunks.

Bulma said fine 12 Weeks

Vegeta said Nooo! Fine woman he can go what ever you want "Vegeta said to Himself man She Scares the crap out of me. Vegeta said and where is bra Bulma said i will get her just go i will tell her to go to goku`s...

Trunks and Vegeta Flew to Goku`s and right Bfore they got to the door goten said to his dad. Daddy ia m bored can we go some where "goku Said well where do you want to go" Right at that Minute Vegeta And Trunks Nocked on the Door Pan ran down the to the to the door and goku was already at the door pan walked a round goku and saw it was vegeta. and pan jumped in to his arms. and said hi. uncail vegeta. goku said to Vegeta. so whats going on. vegeta said ia m taking the brat to the Amusement park. do you want to come. goku and pan and goten. started jumping up and down.

Vegeta said with a "Smirk" Moron come on we have to go Right before they left bra flew and standed by Vegeta...

Bra ran to goku and gave him a big hug...

Vegeta Yelled BRA WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!

Bra gave Vegeta a hug and said i missed you to daddy.

Everyone started cracking up.

1hr.... Later

Vegeta and bra said at the same time i am starving...

Bra said to her dad look a Micdonles Vegeta said Yeah!!!

They flew down to the MicDonles.

goku said it`s on me vegeta.....

Bra and Vegeta said at the same time thanks Kakarot.

Vegeta said Bra Stop doing that.

Everyone started Cracking up agien..

Vegeta and bra went "Ohh" at the same time

Vegeta said "OMG" if you do that one more time i will kill you all...

Everyone started Cracking up for the 3th time.

OK lets order the guy said what would you like to eat.

Vegeta Jumped in front and said i`m first..

Said 5 "Big macks" 2 large coke and 3 Frinch Fries

Vegeta said with a "Smirk" Your turn bra

bra said 4 double pady Burgers 3 Big macks 1 Large cokes 2 Shakes

Goku and pan and goten and trunks got all the samething..

goku paid and it was $159.46

Vegeta "Smirk" an dsaid thanks kakarot.

2hr later

they get to the Amusement park.

Hope you liked it
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