Okay, we all have heard the crazy rumors of dragon ball AF, some think it's real, some think it's phoney. Either way, it still completely sounds awesome, right, I mean, think about it, Goku going into Super Saiyan 5! We all know we really would like to see that. Well, heres the truth, Dragon ball Af is probably phoney. First of all Dragon ball Gt prett ymuch settled the score, and it wasn't really that popular so they probably wouldn't want to take a chance. Also I think that Akira Toriyama gave us the signal that he was finished when he wasn't that artist for Dragon ball GT. Though we have to look at the bright side, Akira Toriyama's kids may take over the bussiness. Also the first zombie movie director actually made a come back and made the movie Zombieland. So maybe Akira may make a come back for us, and we want that, so come on Akira Toriyama!!!