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Opinion by rileyferguson posted over a year ago
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Super Saiyan God Goku
NOTE: This article contains Spoilers, so if you don't like them, I would recommend you to turn off this page right now.

I just watched the entire Battle of Gods movie, and it was totally epic. The scenes were awesome and the graphics and animation are just beautiful. I can say now that the movie is action packed and is totally epic. I would recommend you guys to watch it because it is a great movie and it is totally awesome to watch.

The plot is Ok. Dragon Ball movies usually start with a villian coming to destroy the earth and Goku usually saving the day. But in this one, it's different. Goku ended up usuallly because Bills was still stronger then him, even though Goku acheived a new form, SSJG (Super Saiyan God). The ending was quite funny too, with Bulma slapping Goku after he asked Bills to hit her when they came back next time. Overall, the movie plot was quite unusual, since it was not the same plot as the other movies.

What I liked about the movie
Fan fiction by doctorgoku posted over a year ago
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"Gah! There's no way! I... I must be seeing things.." the flabbergasted King Cold exclaimed, not believing that a Super Saiyan stood before him.

"The only thing you're seeing is a powerful, vengeful Super Saiyan.." the fighter stated.

King Cold toughened up and collected himself, "Hmph! No matter, then! I'll deal with you the same way I would have before your little style chan-" King Cold was interrupted by the fighter's fist being slammed into his abdomen with amazing force, done in the blink of an eye.

King Cold fell face-first onto the ground after the fighter retracted his arm, "Geh... geh... No way... How... How could someone.. have this much power?"

"That's not even all I'm capable of. You saw how I dealt with your son before I transformed. You don't wanna know how badly I can destroy you while in this form," the fighter added.

"Please... I beg of you... Spare me, and we can... We can rule the galaxy together! Your strength and my name.. We'd be unstoppable," King Cold pleaded, having to lift his face out of the dirt to speak.
Review by BraBrief posted over a year ago
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** This article contains spoilers! If you haven't already watched the movie, don't read it! **
I've finally watched the newest DBZ Movie, so I'm going to illustrate my point of view.

What I loved about the movie.

The Animation Style: it is awesome! The graphic is clean and colorful. The backgrounds are good and the battles are clear. All the characters have a great style, especially Videl, she was improved a lot. I liked Goku's blue training outfit on King Kai's planet.

The Plot: it's unusual. I mean, it isn't the usual DBZ Movie where a strong villain comes to the Earth and tries to destroy it without a specific reason, everybody are useless and are dying, included Goku, but uncannily he finds the power to defeat the enemy. In this movie, Goku lost, he wasn't the strongest! The end isn't expected! Moreover, it grasps a possible launch for a new series or another movie (or movies).