Dragon Ball Z Who is the worst character?

lloyd2 posted on Oct 19, 2008 at 09:07PM
Krillin is such a dweeb

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over a year ago milky_wayy said…
Supreme Kai : he Is A fucking dumbass

watch this video where he paralyzes gohan


watch this video need i say more
ssjgohan12099 commented…
Supreme kai is a idiot they shouldnt never put that dumbass to freeze gohan i swear if i was goku ikick his ass he let them steal gohan power cuz the ugly kai is scared over a year ago
over a year ago GOTEN70 said…
Yamcha is worthless
over a year ago dbzrulez said…
jus have to say i really hated vegeta's ego. when he got a little stronger, he started bitching about it to everyone and im glad he never got to be the strongest in the series. he was cool tho in the end. the worst character that i hate with passion is fucking hercule satan. first of all, the man's name is satan! second, he's a fraud and totally glory jaked cell's defeat even. i hated the cell games coz he kept saying "it's all tricks" and the fucking humans believed him. speaking of humans in the series, they also pissed the fuck outta me coz they were fucking stupid!!! all they seemed to do was fuck up everything for the Z fighters andd refuse to believe wat was right infront of them -.- back to hercule, he did not make it up in the boo saga coz if he told ppl the truth then goku could have asked the world to put up his hands himself. i think i am done here...actually nvm hercule was the worst, but gohan is on the list too. got tired of his "hidden potentional" when he was a kid, and when he finally got power, he pulled a vegeta move and fucked around with cell. to top it off, he turned into a weak pussy in boo saga and returned yet again to the "hidden potential" bull shit when he went to supreme kai. still didnt do shit again so cell saga was pretty much all he did and he did a horrible job at it too coz he killed goku -.- believe it or not im not done. cant forget krillin who kept acting tough then getting his ass kicked. and i cant believe he got android 18!!! lastly (hopefully) the dragon balls really got overused and made death useless in the series. on that topic, hercule was the only character who was not killed in the series which was also pretty fucking annoying. hercule was like a representation of the idiots on earth and he was the biggest idiot of all and his purpose was solely to piss me the fuck off. like the tournament thing, 18 coulda kicked his fucking ass but made a stupid deal. i mean, it would have been better if even krillin didnt go get owned(yet again) by dabura and stayed to win the tournament. i am done now, for real. and dont get me wrong, all these annoying shits made the anime gr8 :)

PS. Pillaf is right behind hercule coz he was not seen since fucking dragon ball then he comes and ruins DBGT by making the fucked up wish on the first fucking episode!!! oh and sorry but im not done, all the characters of GT are fucking annoying except pan (ironically i loved her) coz she was original. all of them got way to fucking old, which can be overlooked if they used the new set of characters more efficiently (older trunks, goten and gohan). instead they all turned into fucking pussies and it was a painful series to watch coz it was poitlessly started by a stupid wish. and honestly, i dont even remember the plotline or memorable fights. all of the characters were completely useless except the kid goku whose voice i really hate coz it reminds me of kid gohan. i liked dragonball jus as much as dbz, but this goku back to kid thing was a piss off.

PSS. last note i swear! DBAF (dragon ball april fools) was the biggest disappointment ever. i got my hopes so fucking high, laid out my soul for another goku adventure that would make me 4get about GT. i mean, i heard stuff like they would use the dragon balls to make everyone young again. but it was one big prank. wait, this is not a character...well the characters were disapointing coz they were not fucking real!

PSS. i dont have anger issues
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over a year ago silentgirl17 said…
Probably Mr.Satan since he was such an idiot, though in GT he was alright(still my lease favorite character.)
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
oh don't get me started on my hate for Salza and Baby OH MY GOD , I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago GokuBankai said…
The worst character its Pilaf. I hate Him!
over a year ago stefan1988 said…
whorst character is babidi i hate him ;))
over a year ago SaveWord_Apples said…
I kind of liked krillin in the beginning but he pretty much died in every fight! So I'd have to say krillin!
over a year ago twjian said…
Mr satan. That lier sometimes get on my nerves
over a year ago applequeen said…
My least favourite GOOD character would be Vegeta because of his pride. Not even Trunks' remark (that someone sees his pride as arrogance but it's more noble than that) had made me like him one bit. Actually I might like him if he is not so proud.
My least favourite BAD character would be Frieza, then Cell. I haven't met Buu yet, so I cannot tell.
over a year ago applequeen said…
And also Mr Satan. That f****ing stupid silly idiot, just a little brat, and he jeered at Goku and his friends and kept bluffing and saying he's the strongest... I just CANNOT bear people like this.
Haha I and my friends bet that Mr Satan would not last for 1 minute and we all lost because he didn't last for 30 seconds.... lol
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
You all are insane. Every character is the best in their own way. I mean Chi Chi taught gotten how to fight and Satan help distract buu and he was an idiot against cell. But the worst is a tie between. COOLER BROLY AND OMEGA SHENRON. I MEAN COME TWO OF THEM WOULDN'T DIE ESPECIALLY BROLY AND OMEGASHNRON IS THE BIGGEST ASS OF THEM ALL SO EVERYONE ELSE INCLUDING CHI CHI AND HERCULE ARE WAY BETTER THAN BROLY COOLER AND OMEGA SHENRON.
over a year ago shadowdbz said…
why dont you think chaozu is an idiot/ weakling even tien...his best friend thinks hes weak!
over a year ago Bery said…
-Yamcha, he keeps appearing yet is completely useless in DBZ
-Chi Chi, annoying as fuck (like most of the DBZ female characters actually, though I kinda like 18 & Videl) and completely irrational
-Bulma, also annoying especially in Namek, but I she got better after she hooked up with Vegeta
-Babidi, mostly because his voice is grating (at least in the latino dub)

And wow everyone hates Mr Satan! I think he's hilarious, and I can't tell if he's a moron or a genius, I mean he is the only living on Earth that has never died :P

I also really like the Great Saiyaman, also hilarious and completely unsurprising to me Gohan was always a dork, and Krillin, I don't think he's a coward in the least, he was great in the Namek/Freeza saga and even though he never fought I liked his involvement in the Android/Cell saga, especially how he ended up with 18.
over a year ago Dragonballzfanm said…
I don't like Frieza because Frieza is boring.
over a year ago DBZFAN789 said…
over a year ago fortresst said…
CHIAOTZU IS USELESS. No one put him because they forget about him being he's only in there for Tien's benefit and doesn't gain any strength the whole series. and he's so small in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 you cant hit him.

Let's look at what the other listings accomplishments are:
Hercule - He can actually fight and is strongest human besides Z fighters
Chi Chi - She can actually fight
Yamcha - By the end he is as strong as Pikkon and theother otherworld fighters
Krillin - Same as Yamcha
Bulma - has Capsule Corp and helps with her technology
Freiza - Destroys Planet Vegeta and Namek, wipes out all saiyans, was one of strongest in universe.

Now Chaotzu - Blows himself up in vein.
over a year ago DBZFAN789 said…
over a year ago Coolman1011 said…
Hecule/Mr. Satan obviously.
over a year ago Booksarecooltoo said…
I don't really know....The Frieza saga got boring after awhile....So I guess him.
over a year ago dbz9000 said…
over a year ago Alon_z_o said…
8 months ago jamiecrane said…
8 months ago Thebestcarter said…
Saibemen..hes a starter enemy and hes a one hit kill
6 months ago Bardock_the_SSJ said…
Why did Yamcha cross the road?

He can't, he's dead.