I found this on Bryan Davis's message forum and thought I should post it here.

1. Know what an “antrozil” is {but prefer the term “humanoid dragons” instead.}
2. Have memorized all the poetry (In days of old when dragons flew...)
3. Dream about in the books
4. Wish Ashley could help you with your homework.
5. Think that DIOM would make an awesome movie and mentally write key scenes.
6. Have made a crossword puzzle using key names from the series.
7. See a girl with a backpack and wonder if she’s Bonnie Silver.
8. Think Einstein must have been part dragon.
9. Say that all other King Arthur books are “not as good as Dragons in Our Midst.”
10. Refuse to read other books about dragons because they won’t be as good.
11. Have memorized Job 41, mentally substituting ‘dragon” for “leviathan.”
12. Think Merlin was a prophet, not a magician.
13. Write new poems and/or fan fics about the main characters.
14. Notice that Whittier is originally referred to as Devin’s descendant, when he really is Devin himself.
15. Hate dragon slayers, even when they slay evil dragons.
16. Think it would be cool to get transluminated.
17. Approve of Palin’s decision not to slay Bonnie.
18. Made a drawing or sculpture of one of the dragons [guilty!]
19. Laugh at Walter’s stupid jokes [After you face a dark sorceress and a bunch of demons in Hades, you kind of run out of the heebie-jeebies.]
20. Think of Larry every time a computer says something, even if it’s just ‘You’ve got mail.’
21. Wish Professor Hamilton was your teacher.
22. Wonder when Bonnie and Billy got married, and if they had any kids.
23. Cried while reading the books.
24. Wonder if Bonnie kept her wings at the end of Tears of a Dragon.
25. Wish that you could meet Bryan Davis.
26. Think that the ‘blazing sword” in Genesis might be Excalibur.
27. Hate the names Morgan and Elaine.
28. Know the word “hostiem” and run when someone mentions it.
29. Think “Dragons’ Rest” instead of “Daja vu.”
30. Want to name your kids Bonnie, Billy, Ashley, Shiloh, and Walter.
31. Think of a little girl when you hear “Pebbles.”
32. Admire Bonnie’s faith.
33. Read the books only on weekend so you won’t go crazy in school or ignore the teacher.
34. Think Gladsbury Tor is Avalon.
35. Know that “Apollo” is not just a Greek god or space program.
36. Can’t wait for Enoch’s Ghost to come out.
37. Know an “underborn’ is not referring to social class.
38. Wonder how Morgan engineered the underborns to be half plant.
39. Know that a “candlestone” is not just a decoration.
40. Think dragons are real!
41. Didn’t need a bookmark ‘cause you read the whole book without stopping.
42. Think Merlin had a wife.
43. Felt sympatric for Gabriel when he was a bundle of electromagnetic energy.
44. Wrote in your science class notes that dragons live directly on light energy.
45. Got in trouble for checking out the DIOM website during school.
46. Got into a fierce argument because someone said dragons aren’t real.
47. Wish you were Bonnie Silver [flying and writing talent]
48. Feel sorry for Saphira when she spent hundreds of years underground.
49. Wish there was a DIOM computer game.
50. Think Walter is too silly to be a descendant of Arthur.
51. Wonder if the Watchers are going to start WWIII!
52. Admire Shiloh for staying sane alone for 40 years in the circles.
53. Think that Bryan Davis has to be part dragon, or how could he know all that he writes?
54. Notice that Bonnie wears a Narnia sweatshirt in the circles of seven.
55. Made a family tree to keep track of dragon relationships
56. And then wondered how Ashley is related to Bonnie or Hartanna, since Thigocia and Makaidos became humans.
57. Wonder why “Daddu’ didn’t tell Ashley that he really isn’t her grandfather.
58. Spend hours reading the forum because your mom won’t let you post.
59. Check the website daily to see if the first chapter of Enoch’s Ghost is up yet.
60. Know the ‘King’s Cap” isn’t just a cool piece of headwear!
61. Think no book is better than Dragons in Our Midst.
62. Took the time to read this!
63. And can still come up with more!