Night fell, and Vilicus and Calana took flight.
    “So, what is our plan?” Calana asked, gliding beside Vilicus in the dark.
    “I don’t know. I wasn’t ready yet, but we need to get away. We can think about the future when we are safe in the present.” The two dragons flew through the night, the full moon lighting their way and glinting off their scales, creating two moving constellations that quickly crossed the sky.
    Karaza was dreaming. She was flying, surrounded by dragons. Ahead, there was a cave like the maw of a gigantic beast, and within, a bright rainbow of light, visible only to her second sight. She hangs back waiting for the dragons to pass through. Then she dives, her body glowing with magic, into the light, collapsing it behind herself.
    Aaron was shaking Karaza and whispering excitedly. “-Side the cave, and they aren’t with the shadows!”
    “What?” Karaza groaned, shaking off sleep and the colors of her dream.
    “Dragons, outside,” Aaron repeated. “Come on, they’re good dragons.”
    Good dragons? But they all left, they ran away and left only the Shadows. Karaza turned to the cave entrance, and immediately had to close her inner eye; the auras of the two beasts were blindingly bright, and even without her second sight they seemed to glow. Sven was standing there in front of them, tiny and awkward at their feet.
    Vilicus watched the little human curiously, when he and Calana had landed the human had jumped, brandished a stubby blade, and called back into the cave. Another call rang out from the cave and the human sheathed his sword, giving the dragons nervous looks. Now, two more humans emerged from the cave; a male, slightly taller than the first; then a small female, not quite fully grown, but with a strange look of knowledge in her eyes.
    “Are you sure they aren’t edible?” Calana asks Vilicus silently.
    “Of course they are,” Vilicus replied in kind. “But I don’t think it would be polite, my love.”
    Vilicus lowered his head to listen to the humans’ conversation. The two males step back, their hands falling to their weapons, but the female stood her ground and looked up at him, smiling.
    “Hi, my name is Karaza.” She peeped, in the small, squeaky voice of a human.
    Karaza peered up at the black dragon, waiting patiently for a response.
    “I am Vilicus.” He finally replied, in the deep voice of a dragon. He turns his massive head, indicating the bright scarlet dragon beside him. “And this is Calana.”
    “Kara!” Sven whispers. “Be careful, they look hungry!”
    “You do realize we can here you, don’t you?” Calana asks, both offended and amused. Sven steps back, startled; and Aaron laughs.
    “Sven, if you’re surprised by their hearing, wait until one of them spits a little fire.”
    At Aaron’s words, Calana tosses her head slightly and blows a smoke ring at the unfortunate Sven, causing him to cringe slightly.