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Dramione Question

What are your favourite Draco-Hermione stories?

Mine are:
Once Upon a Thyme by zensho
Heart of Ice by Dreaming One
We'll Always Have Paris by Melissa D
Their Room by aleximoon
Bad Faith by Morrighan256
Krum Do I Love? by yael
Unwanted Bonds by Penelope
El Tango De Roxanne by Fira Black-Malfoy
Courting Miss Granger by marmaladefever
Dreaming in Crimson by Tabbycat
Divine Humiliation by zarahjoyce
Memoirs of a Dragon Lover by SometimesAngel
Draco Malfoy The Amazing Bouncing Rat by maya
A Act of Love by Elisha
A Act of Love: The Sequel by Elisha
Finding Out How by angel89
A Dowry of a Single Galleon by Krissy/bunney
Twelfth Use Of Dragon's Blood by Wonderland Toy
10 Ways to Kill Draco Malfoy by Drakulya
A World Apart by lolagirl
Somnio Eternus by finally-defeated
Unbelievably by DanishGirl
Bound to you(Sequel to Unbelievably)
Future Parents Program by Avari20
I also like Scales and a Tail,Arabian Knight by Jada Rene, Future Flower by Jada Rene, Meant to Be by annie, To Marry a Mudblood by m1s7ress, Nostalgic Notions by DracoDew17 and Bleeding of October
Mallory23 posted over a year ago
Oh, I've been looking for good stories so badly these past two days! Would you be a doll and please tell me out of those which ones you liked the most and which ones are more of a dramatic kind of fic, but not one-shot? I'd appreciate it a lot :)
Praesse posted over a year ago
By dramatic I really only mean for it to not be all about humor and comedy.
Praesse posted over a year ago
how come you do not like any RZZMG fics they are awesome
always_draco posted over a year ago
 Mallory23 posted over a year ago
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Dramione Answers

Natasha13 said:
My favourite Dramione stories are:We'll always have Paris,Somnio Eternus,Dreaming in Crimson and Draco Malfoy The Amazing Bouncing Rat. :)
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posted over a year ago 
Thanks for your answer!
Mallory23 posted over a year ago
alicecullen327 said:
oh well the first one i read was Destined to Love by xxxxcrazychickxxxx and the sequel, Curse of Love...
Bitter Sweet Love :">,
Deadly Attraction,
Hermione's Homework by That One Condition,
More Than Anything by dynonugget,
Potter's Party by twin-v,
Run,Jump,and Hold on For Dear Life,
Solid Ground,
The Day After Tomorrow,
and a LoT MoRE ;)
(oh and some are oneshots by the way :D)
( and all from :) )
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posted over a year ago 
Kairangi424 said:
The Quarter Moon Gamble by NeuroticMuse413
A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by Countess Of Abe
A Dream Worth Keeping by SeanEmma4Evr
I Can't Hate You Anymore by jmalfoy
A Kiss Goodnight by AnneM.Oliver
Everything Changes by inadaze22
The Unexpected by Ski000Girl
11 Things by 2booklover4
Time's Up! by 2booklover4
Promise Me Love by JodieLove
A Cladestine Reality by Tears Of Ebon-Grey
Where There's A Will by grangerinvestigations
Ordinary People by inadaze22
Heir Brained by diagonally
Babysitting Blues by scarlettcat

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posted over a year ago 
hermionemalfoy said:
I like the stories El Tango De Roxanne and A Dowry of a Single Galleon because they depict their feelings with simple details but they convay an image.
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posted over a year ago 
hummeli said:
My favourite for ever: "Silencio"by AkashaTheKitty 15 chaps.
"The Bracelet" by her is fantastic too!
"Silecio" is very smutty and hot, passion pure but also very dramatic with sad end,(but there will be a sequel!
"The Bracelet" got more plot, I think by now there are 81 chapters left, but it´s still WIP(

"What a which needs" by petalsoft It´s not only Dramione it´s actually a Threesome with Harry, but sooo damn hot, There is a sequel as well!(

If you don´t like Smut, I´d advocate "We learned the sea" by luckei1
So well written and intense I love it,the epilogue is a little unnecessary, anyway great story!(

Storys I like very much:
"Contrast" by TomFeltonIsKindaHot mmmmhhm yummy(but so long no update)
"Their Room" was my first story and I still love it.
"Claiming Hermione" by Ilke
"The Dragon's Bride" by rizzle(A must read in the whole Dramionefandom)
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posted over a year ago 
I <3 Silencio and I can't wait for the sequel!
silverandgreen7 posted over a year ago
the dragon's bride & silencio <3
ursonice posted over a year ago
rariiez said:
My favourites are:

Childhood Memories by charipoo
Oh My Veela! by Charmed Sweetly
Impressions by Ar-Zimraphel
Macbeth by cyropi
Memory Keeper by dracoD0RMIENS
The Ends of the Earth by SilverStar24
Abyss by zarah joyce
Red Memory by luckei1(it's a long oneshot)
Growing by atruwriter
Virtus et Iudicium by AnjaliMalfoy
Moments of Sanity by SiriuslyPadfoot'sGal
Ugly by BadHarlot

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posted over a year ago 
*'s all from =)
rariiez posted over a year ago
hazel_996 said:
Hermione Malfoy by superscar
Broken by inadaze22
Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993
Revenge Is All The Sweeter by Twilight to Midnight
Once Upon A Thyme by zensho
Parenthood by smartcat
Not Quite A Drug by xylitol
Animal Instincts by cookie crumbs
Jealousy by rainsrabble
Sympathy For The Slytherin by heysweet
Nobody's Girl by Archica
We'll Always Have Paris by Melissa D
Dracilla by superscar
Not Quite Dreaming by Twilight to Midnight
How Hermione Granger Got Her Ring by drcjsnider
A Cheater's Game by Marauder's Gal
Jealousy Is A Sin by senecas
Physically Impossible by Twilight to Midnight
Fleeting Eternity Part 1 by PrettyPandaEyes
Until The Day I Die by Princess Jilla
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posted over a year ago 
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