The song of the sparrow- chapter 2 (part 5)
Ashia walked into the cafeteria and ate her dinner. She finished and threw the left oversea in the trash. She walked back to her room. She placed her bag in the door way and headed back into the bathroom fixing her hair. Ashia heard some girls cheering in the hall way but ignored it. The door of her room swung open.
"N...I..g..h..t." A girl said while walking in the room and Ashia stopped brushing her hair.
The girl tripped over Ashia's bag in the door way.Ashia letter some other girls help the girl while she was watching as Nokia stepped beside her. Ashia walked out and the girl's dropped the fallen girl.
"What is going on? " Ashia asked.
Ashia and the girls got to know each other well as they went off to their beds. Ashia had some troubles with Nokia that night. She found out that those girls were Artista, her new roommate,Desta,Eva,Eclipse,and Viva.Ashia woke up the next day to see that the. Artista and the others were gone.