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Chapter 2: Angels Academy

I awoke with the sun shining down on my face from my roof window above my bed. I loved the sun because it nice and warm against my cold skin. My face would suddenly feel warm when my fingertips touch my cheeks and my violet eyes would shine brilliantly in sparkles of happiness. I smiled up at the sun and inhaled the sweet scent of the forest that came off my bedroom walls before I exhaled slowly and sat upright in my bed and looked around.

It was a new day for me and the first day of the school week. 'School ...' I thought, standing up and walking towards my closet. I opened it and took out my uniform before I stripped myself off and put it on. I overlooked myself quickly in the mirror and grabbed my schoolbag. I ran quickly down the stairs and was about to leave the house when my father called my name. "Flair!" He shouted, sounding lazy and knocked-out. I stopped in my tracks and slowly walked backwards to the lounge room. I saw him lying with his feet on the armrest and his head back against the couch. His hair, black as night, was shaggy and looked damp with sweat. "Yes father?" I asked, hesitant. "Have a good day at school, eh?" I slightly smiled and nodded but just as I was going to walk out, my father continued. "Don't forget to do your chores and do the shopping too otherwise you're in for a beat. You got that, Flair?"

My father lifted his head from the top of couch and stared at me with dark, fierce-looking violet eyes. Those were the eyes I have. I almost shuddered as I averted my eyes away from his before I nodded and walked out without another word. As I shut the front door behind me, I looked up at the velvet blue sky that were filled with clouds that formed pictures in the air. Somehow, the clouds make me think of my mother and the memories we had, though it was short. I walked down the front steps of the house and ran down the path to grab my schoolbike that lay next to the gate. As I pedalled down the path that led to Angels Academy, I was suddenly stopped by a five girls that instantly appeared before me out of thin air. I skidded to a stop and growled quietly to see the leader of the five, sneering down at me.

"Lorelei, get out of my way." I looked at the leader of the group. She had fiery-red hair that was tied up in a tight ponytail, red cherry eyes and pale skin that slightly glowed in the sun. She was one of Angel Academy's popular students, Lorelei Heights. "Are you going to make me?" Lorelei smirked. Lorelei gritted her teeth and was about to go around them when one of Lorelei's friends stopped her with a finger and a shake of their heads. I was about to hop down from my bike when a voice froze me motionless on my bike. "Lorelei, let her go." It was a boy's voice that was right behind me. I slowly turned my head around and saw a boy who had thick, straight, white hair that brisked past his shoulder blades, skin as pale a snow and his eyes were piercing, sea-blue.

I almost felt feeble just as my eyes found his. Blood rushed into my cheeks as I quickly looked down to the ground before I looked to see Lorelei's reaction. She was blinking, astounded for a moment until she blushed the color of her hair and nodded. "Thank you," the boy said. I turned back to look at him and his eyes were fully on me. I widened and saw him smile. His smile almost took my breath away as my heart raced. "You ... you go to Angels Academy, right?" He asked. I nodded. "I'm from Gothic Academy in case you're wondering." I smiled and nodded again, still shocked. "'Kay, bye!" The boy turned and walked up the path. I gulped and turned around before I rode down to Angels Academy with the boy's face stuck in my head.