Vine In The Meadow Where The Soy Beans Grow (Bean)
Hi, I'm Vine In The Meadow Where The Soy Beans Grow. But I'm ussually called Bean. Now, I know ha ha funny your name is Bean whatever. But where I come from, we all have names like that. My sister's name is Brooke That Swims Upstream Against All Odds. My brother's name is Blazing Sun On A Boiling June's Day. I come from a place know to only the Tribe Of Nature's First Green. Hydralinial. It's a small planet really. not too big, you could probably travel it's circumfrence in a matter of 45 days. Enough nerdy - introduction stuff, I'll tell you about the REAL mystery.

"Bean! Get your ass outta bed before your late, AGAIN!" I blink open to Raylin yanking on my leg pulling me out of my covers.
"Awww Raylin why cant you just let him sleep? The little guy got jumped yesterday and he looks half dead, let him skip today!" Blaze, my blonde headed older brother smiles and picks me up off the ground with one gentle yank. "He'll be 12 anyday know Blaze I think we should send him off to that school for the last few days he has." Raylin was always stubborn like that, she was determind to get me off to
School, she was 14 and was devastaded when she was turned 12 and was no longer aloud into the scholors hut. Raylin was wearing her ussual clothes. Deer skin skirt and a dark brown top connected to her only by a line around her neck. Raylin was lucky. See, when a baby in the tribe is born, there given there full name. Raylin is really 'Brooke Who Swims Upstream Against All Odds' howver, the first word of your full name you speak automatically becomes your nickname so that people arent going around shouting "Hey Lion That Chases His Tail In A Hot African Sahara whats up?" Raylin though said her middle name instead of saying anything from her first name. I somtimes wish i had done that, anything but Bean, but my middle name is Richard so i dont think that would have helped very much. "Oh come on Raylin just one day? you know the squirt hates it anyways!" Blaze let his medium length blonde har swish out of his eyes. Boy he was a real girl magnet, i remeber the first day of our spring harvest all the girls on the block where crowded by our fence staring into our cropland practically drooling over him. They wouldnt go away for 3 hours until Raylin got sick of them and eventually let the dogs run after them. "Fine! He can skip today, but im not the one who's telling mom!" Blaze then looked uncertain. "I call not it!" And he looked over at me "if you want to skip school your gonna have to come up with telling mom." I sighed. Anything but school. See being the shortest 11 year old in school dosnt give you much popularity in time. None the less being called 'Bean'. I got up and walked out into the early light. See on our farmland, me and my brother share a little adobe hut, my sisters another and my parents have another. Not the most advanced in technology but it suited my mom well. Her parents raised her in the same type of community. I was just about to bang on there wall when a voice made me stop.
"Hey, Bean" the voice was familiar and said 'Bean' with a slight hiss if distaste. When I turned two boys greeted me. I knew them, and I wish I didn't. One of them was tall, taller then your average 13 year old, yet he was the same age as me. He had short brown hair and dark black eyes. The other one was only a tad shorter then him, he had medium length black hair and piercing yellow eyes.
" What do you want Cliff?" I said to the blonde one. He was leaning on my fence a smirk on his face.
"I think you know already Bean, come on Hound." They both jumped the fence.
"We'll go easy on you Bean, maybe just one wedgie today," Hound smirked. I didn't even bother running, there too fast. Cliff threw me over his shoulder and hoped over the short fence again. They walked about 20 feet to a pond that I knew well and cliff dangled me over it by my knees.
"Okay Bean, we're gonna play a game, I ask you a question, if you get it right we move on. But if you get it wrong-" Cliff plunged my face under water until i was sure he was gonna drown me. Then he pulled me up, sputtering.
"Okay let's move on," Hound gave is same dog-like smirk. They where just about to move on when both of them where ssuddenly soaked thuroghly and a little voice id never forget squeked,
"I am Moon Above The Shining Lake At Midnight and if you don't put my big brother down you'll regret it!" I strained to look over and saw Moon, my little sister standing with an empty water basin her black hair frizzed with curls, her bright almost white eyes shining. Cliff flipped me onto the ground landing on my back, hard.
"Or else what little girl?" Hound sneered. Moon gave him an evil smile and from behind him a flash of red kneed him in the back and he fell back, hard. then i see the red hair and deep red-brown eyes of my other little sister leaning over him shouting, "I am Red Tailed Fox Of The Long Grasslands and you better leave my brother alone!" Hound struggled tohis feet and Cliff helped him up. suddenly though he was hit in the back with a ballon full of water and he whirls around to see my last sister, her black hair streaked blonde, her green eyes match the tree leaves, "I am Great Moutains Of The Pine Forests! Get away from Bean!" And she dashed forward, Cliff anf Hound ran away throwing cuss words back at the girls.
"Uh, Thanks sisters." I said lamely as they walked away
"Sure Bean!"
"Anytime Bean!"
"We will always be there Bean, We love you!"

Blazing Sun On A Hot Summer's Day (Blaze)
Moon Above Shining Lake At Midnight (Moon)
Red Tailed Fox Of The Long Grasslands (Fox)
Great Moutains Of The Pine Forests (Pine)