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Who are YOU to judge what is abnormal?

Opinion by malmcd posted over a year ago
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It disappoints me how people think
it's demeaning and disgusting for one
to love their own gender. How we
are encased and suffocated by the
chains of society's realms.

We have been brought up to believe
that a problematic equation would
be a gender in addition to the same
gender – that it is ''weird'' for one
to embark on a relationship with
the same gender because it screams
and shrieks of abnormality.

I despise how people refer to being
''homosexual'' or a ''lesbian'' to be
disgraceful. The irony strikes me that
for a society that claims to be ''accepting,''
we have not made any progress
whatsoever in terms of same-gender
relationships, be it: boy and boy or
girl and girl.

Regardless of gender, they are all true
emotions. SO WHAT if a girl likes another
girl? SO WHAT if a boy likes another boy?
This is to our apparent ''accepting''
society that is refusing to acknowledge
how there is actually no abnormality in

Who are YOU to judge what is abnormal?
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Abnomality is diffrence...so how are we to judge in general? Let us go down our own path and make our own choice. I agree with you completely.
posted over a year ago.