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allicyn123 posted on May 03, 2012 at 09:33PM
In this dark forest there is no hope,
No light,
No life
You will have to find yourself and prey that the forest gives you mercy,
Which is unlikely
Because here your dreams aren't just images or feeling
They're REAL
This isn't all fun and games anymore
You can DIE
Pick your path carefully and try to prey for the dreams to end
Because these aren't nightmares anymore
They could mean DEATH.....

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over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: * pulls out the map stares at it and puts it away hands trembling with fear eyes bright golden and she barely squeks ou in a frightened voice* The Valley Of One Nightmare... The valley chooses one of your worst dreams and if you live through it it let's you pass if not... *voice breaks off as the mist grows thicker*

Dana: It's okay Erin! It's not like she was listening to it! It's probably he m- *stops like she wasn't supposed to say anything*

Izzy: Well there are cliffs but no one will get outta here until we reach the waterfall
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- Death...

Envy- This twisted.
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
James: *pulls Erin back*
Erin: *stops dead in his tracks* what?

Alexia: lets go then!
Lizzy Rose: wait,is there something about this place you about and we don't?
Selene: what is your name by the way?
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: We either all go sePerate ways ALONE or all four of us have to go through each other's dream, what are we doin' ?

Izzy: well it's not that simple we have to pass through the Forest Of Secrets or The Valley Of One Nightmare, the forest of Secrets reveals your secrects but the Valley Of One Nightmare makes you relive your dreams, I know alot about This place, I've been trying to get out for 15 hours straight, oh and my name is Izzy

Dana: *hesitates* Um, er her um er.....
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Erin: let me guess,her mother? Father? What?

Selene: I call the valley of nightmares!
Alexia: secret
Lizzy rose: secrets.....
Selene: by the way,I'm Selene and here are my two sisters,Alexia and Lizzy Rose
(Waiting for Mallory probably tomorrow! We will have to continue tomorrow when she's on!)
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Can you please answer the question on unica? I need an answer,I feel very sad!
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~she takes a deep breath~ I'm going in alone.

Misty- What!?

Harma- I can't have you go through what I went through! I know what's in there I don't want you getting hurt...

Envy- I'm going in alone to! I have some personal problems I have to get rid of.
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *almost desperatly but try's to hide it her eyes an even fiercer shade of gold* Misty?

Dana: *nods* Mother...

Izzy: Wish I coulda met yu under better circumstances and just hope you know that the Forest Of Secrects makes us all go in together so we'll all learn eachothers secrets...
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Selene: I'd rather go in the valley of nightmares! You lady's have no idea what secrets I keep!

Erin: *mumbles* just what I thought!
James: so its like Ashia's mom right?

Nokia: *sprint's across the forest ground* where am I? James? Erin? *runs more*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- ~she turns to Sasha~ Lets go together!
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *barely stops herself from letting out a sigh of relief* okay,

Dana: I guess it's alot like Ashia's story but I Don't know ashas story too much, hello Nokia

Izzy: so do i but it's better then the Valley Of One Nightmare trust me exPessially alone it's really scary!!! *Says tearfully*
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
James : its a like in many ways...

Nokia: who said that?! *looks around anxiously *

Selene: have you seen our father!
Lizzy rose : no jokes!
Alexia: we need to decide!
over a year ago malmcd said…
Envy- Are you ready? ~fear fly's through her eyes~

Harma- I guess this is it? ~closing her eyes~

Misty- Ready to do this? ~turning to Sasha~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *nervously nods and bits her lip and reads the map one more time putting it away and chanting a spell* May the gods of all living nightmares grant us passage through this forest as we accept your challenge! *three doors appear one with the symbol of love and hate on it the other the symbol of life and death the other the symbols of darkness light and storm* Are you guys sure you want to go on alone? *Looks Orr at Harma and Envy nervously*

Dana: Me! *looks over at where the voice was* do you hear that too?

Izzy: You should see me... My bad side, liste the valley of one nightmare is both physically and emotionally disturbing it's yur worst nightmare LITERALLY!
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Selene: I stick with my choice!

nokia: who's me?
james: its Dana!
Nokia: *comes out from behind a tall tree* oh! hi! Where am I?

over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~Takes I deep breath in~ Yes. ~she started to head to the door with the symbol life and death on it~

Envy- I'm shore...~she also walks to her door~

Misty- I'm letting you know this know Sasha before we enter I want you to know what ever happens in there stays in there and that this is not going to be pretty..~she said with a half smile~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: Agreed, and mine isn't gonna be pretty either... *shudders and looks a the door not wanting to go in*

Dana: Well I think you've stumbled into the forest of dreams honey...

Izzy: we should probably go with you, the valley of one nightmare is really freaky...
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~She opens her eyes~ Remember you two, I love you...~she opened the door and walked knowing what was on the other side~

Envy- This is it...~she opened her door and walked through~

Misty- ~she breathed in and opened the door~
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Selene; then lead the way to the valley of nightmares!

Nokia: I'm in bad trouble now am I?
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *hesitates and stands next to Misty*

Izzy: Fine,

Dana: Probably
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Nokia: how do we get out then?

Alexia: so whitch way do we head?
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~she slowly walks in the air around her fells like ice and she can see her breath. She walks deeper in in and stops when she finally see's six sets of purple eyes stairing back at her`

Envy- ~she burst through the door not truly afraid mist gathers away her making it hard to see she can't even she her own feet then she looks up from her feet and see's to unforgetable blue eyes~

Misty- ~she makes the first step in through the door~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *steps in with her* who's dream is first?

Izzy: this way *starts walking in random direction*

Dana: we have to go to the waterfall after we pass the valley of one nightmare, or the forest of secrets if you prefer
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
James: its up to you,you observed this place more then us...

Alexia: a lot of steps don't you think?
Lizzy Rose: in many directions!
over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- ~They both begin to hear a slight hum that turns into a song~ "Here is where the light lives, here is save. Light is light and has no pain, Light can see through the darkness." The song stopped~ Mine.

Envy- ~see looks more in shock then in fear. The mist slowly beings to disappear showing thick blonde hair along with the blue eyes~


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