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allicyn123 posted on May 03, 2012 at 09:33PM
In this dark forest there is no hope,
No light,
No life
You will have to find yourself and prey that the forest gives you mercy,
Which is unlikely
Because here your dreams aren't just images or feeling
They're REAL
This isn't all fun and games anymore
You can DIE
Pick your path carefully and try to prey for the dreams to end
Because these aren't nightmares anymore
They could mean DEATH.....

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over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
James: are you serious!
nokia: *trys to wake up*.

lizzy Rose: I meant how far is it?
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Dana: *Shoots him a look that says 'not like I'm happy about this either!' and gets enough strenghth the pull her hands up and tear off the vines on her wrist and attempts pulling the one on her neck off*

Izzy: I dunno if we fly maybe a couple minutes, if we walk about 30 minutes
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- Then let the game began! ~she smiles` I make first move, ~She has a blue stone like Anda's only it's on her silver crown it begin;s to lit up and the wind begins to blow dark dust in the air~

Misty- ~she whisper's under her breath to Sasha~ Are you prepared to kill a little girl?
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- How nice it is to see my brother and sister's! Nice to see you again Ben (The 18 year old boy) Sara (The 16 year old girl) and Ella (The 11 year old girl)

Ella- Yes it is nice to see you again...but this time your not getting out that easy you can't just run away this time Harma!

Harma- I'll do what ever it takes to get out of here!

Sara- Really? Anything...
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: Nope, *pulls out her switchblades* but I'm not ready to breathe either
over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- What? Did you not just hear what I said?

Harma- I'll do anything!

~The three walk to her side and smile~

Sara- Anything well here's anything! I need to you to kill him! ~Pointing to...Darka who appears out of the mist tried up with ropes and a ropes around his mouth. Harma's eyes get big with fear~

Ella- Here you go! ~handing her a gun~

Harma- ~she takes it~ I can't do this anything else please!
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: Loud and clear, *pushes the blades in her jacket sleeves*
over a year ago malmcd said…
~P.S you have to be darka because he's your character~

Misty- She;s going to try to get under are skin and weak in us then she's going to pull something out of her bag of tricks and then if she gets that far finish us...
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: Oh she won't get that far *sarcastic smile*

Darka: *Looks up at her, not with a begging but more of a look that says 'it's your choice'*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- Okay then! Sorcha it's your turn go!

Sorcha- Fine then lets talk! So Sasha I've heard that you don't know anything about were you come from right? And if so how can you truly unlock your full powers?
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- I can't do this.

Ben- This is the only way out!

Harma- ~tears begin to fill up in her eyes as she loads the gun and point's it at him. Her hands her shaking as she's about to pull the trigger she drops on to the ground in tears~ I can't do this I won't do this! There has to be another way? ~slowly wiping the tears away~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *looks at Scorcha with confusion* So?

Darka: *looks at her with nothing but sympathy and a look that promises something that you would have to look at closer*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~She looks at him and gets up and walks over to him and looks at him~ I would never do this to you...

Sorcha- So, that means you'll never be good enough for anyone your weak and pointless I would just give up now if I were you!
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: *when she walks up close the promise in his eyes says as though he was speaking 'I promise yu can kill me and I would still love you'*

Sasha: pointless, that's a knew one but weak? Ha! That's like my nickname and 'never good enough' that's what I wake up to and fall asleep to! If that's all you got your never gonna break me
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- I know the one thing you will never truly have.

Harma- ~she she get rid of the gun and shakes her head saying no~

Sara- ~she burst like she can't hold it in make longer~ Your weak Harma you know that! You can't kill him but yet you had no problem killing us! ~She now crying~ Your one low piece of shit your full of crap! How could you, how could you kill me!?

Harma- ~she turns around to look at her sister her eyes say she's sorry for her~ I didn't meant to...~trying to hold back tears~

Sara- You will pay trust me!

Ben- How about we teach you a lesson right now Little sis? ~he grabs her arm and pulls her away and she's trying to get away~ Stop trying! ~he pushes her and she falls to the ground~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: Sure Uh huh and I know about five so go ahead

Darka: *jerks so fiercely tying to get out that he starts bleeding*
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
(sorry I was gone!)
Selene: oh,we might want to hurry....to get this over with.

james: this is bull-
Erin: shut it!
nokia: *crawls up and dries to walk to Dana*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- Love. You'll never truly have love. Not from your mother Izzy Dana not even from that boy you like. Love is the one thing that will never come your way.

Ben- ~He walks up to her and grabs her arm making her stand up and look him in the eyes~ Tell me you don't care that you killed me!

Harma- ~she looked at him confused~ What?

Ben- Wrong answer! ~he lets go of her arm punches her and she falls again on to the floor and on her side~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Izzy: I agree *turns human and flies up above the trees*

Dana: *rips the one on her neck and takes a gasp of breath*

Sasha: *for a second her eyes crack with pain but she blinks and it's gone* Big deal who cares?

Darka: *thrashed vigorously*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- So you don't care if your heart stops or if it never worked again?

Harma- ~she slowly gets up and looks around a purple fire flares around them it's so close to Darka that the ropes slowly start to weaker. She looks around and can't see then of of no where Sara comes out from behind her and puts a knife it to her side

Sara- This is for killing me...~she whispered in her ear and took out the knife and walked away. Harma fall's to the ground in pain~

~then the ropes give away~
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
selene: *follows Izzy in the air with her sisters by her*

Nokia: *sprints to Dana and tries to release her as much as he could*
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Dana: thanks Nokia *rips of the remaining vines and just sits there and suddenly bursts into tears*

Izzy: *continues flyig until there is a foggy Valley and she lands*

Sasha: No, *eyes turn grey* I don't need anything, love, hate, emotion anything take it all I won't feel it

Darka: *runs through the fire and dashes to Harmas side* Harma! No Harma!
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~she looks up at him in tears then in fear~ Run! Go I'll be fine go!

Sorcha- Are you ready to give up on emotions because I can make that happen?
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *looks straight at Scorcha her emotions going crazy her eyes changing colors insanely*

Darka: *looks into her eyes sees the fear and turns but memories flood back and he stops not wanting to leave her side*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~A hand hits Darka's shoulder and he hears a dark deep voice`

?????- She told you to go son I think she'll fine with the help of her father.

Sorcha- I see, You want them so bad to go away. All the pain and hurt I can make them go away!
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Alexia; is this it?

Nokia: *nudges Dana* are you okay? What's wrong?
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Dana: I never should have let you come here! Even our darkest deePest secrets must come out and- *searches for words and just starts crying again*

Izzy: Yes, the Valley of One Nightmare... *the fog grows thicker*

Sasha: *glances at Misty so that Scorcha can't see and her eyes almost beg 'What now? Oh please help me I'm so lost!'*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- Sorcha! Stop your hear to fight me!

Sorcha- Oh really why should I fight someone who's all ready broken?

Misty- ~her eyes filled with shock and manged to say~ I'm...not...broken.

Sorcha- We'll see about that! But Sasha I can make you fell happy again no more pain no more hurt...
over a year ago snootygirl50701 said…
Nokia: *steps back* at least I'm not going to meet my nightmare,right?

Alexia: *walks away from them and into the fog*
Lizzy Rose: *screams* Alexia,come back!
selene: *grabs both of her sisters* do we go in togather? for me,I should go alone.
over a year ago malmcd said…
`hey could you please check the videos I posted and the picture's~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *so confused that her eyes suddenly just freeze with all the colors jammed together fiercely*

Darka: *hears the words and glances at Harma again and says to the voice* Don't you dare let anything hurt her,
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Izzy: f we all stay together there is a better chance of staying alive, going alone is like suicide!

Dana: Worse then that, this place has no nightmares *a red fog starts to seep from the ground and she barely whispers* Only memories...
over a year ago malmcd said…
Her Father- Get up and look in the boy!

Sorcha- I can make that dream come true! Come here give your hand...

over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: *not sure what to do*

Sasha: *just gives her a cold stare*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- Oh so Sasha you don't want that to come true?

Ben- He must can't hear? Can't you he said get up!

Harma- ~she looks at him and whispers~ Just do it...I'll be okay.
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: *stands up his eyes still ring with the promise*

Sasha: *searches for words but finds none*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- Wishes come true all I need is a hand!

Her Father- That's better! Lesson here the only thing hurting her now is you! ~Another women comes out with blonde hair like Ben's and purple eyes and grabs Harma and pulls her up. Harma try's to get away~

Her Father- Your unwanted here!
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: *eyes fill with shock but his face is expressionless and he turns to face her father half of him wanting to punch him the other half wanting to just walk away*

Sasha: *looks down at her hand and without thinking reaches hers out*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Her Mother- Lets see how are we going to get rid of you like you did with us? ~she pushes her to the ground~ How about we burn you to death like what you did with me?! ~a huge fire begins to surround her as Harma Screams~

Her Father- Your little love story ends here, because I don't approve of you so you can't have her.
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: Harma! *shouts in pain and turns back twards her*

over a year ago malmcd said…
Misty- No! ~But it's to late Sorcha took her hand and then the most twisted and evil pictures come to Sasha's head one's of her mother and Izzy and Sasha and that night in the woods...But one comes out clearer then the rest Anda. One the night she said the boys must die.~
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sara- She's gone give up besides what else do you have to lose?!

Ella- ~she walks up behind he mother~ Mother stop I want to talk with her! ~Her mother looks at her in shock and the fire cools down but is still hot Elle walks into the circle of fire surrounding her sister~ Why?

Harma- Why what? ~in pain but trying to hide it~

Elle- Did you have to kill me? ~tears start to run down her face~

Harma- I didn't mean to? ~how more tears start to gather in her eyes as well~

Elle- You didn't mean to! What kind of answer it that!
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *gasps and puts her other hand over her mouth try's to close her eyes but the tears still stream out*
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: *looks at Harma in shock unable to move he clenched his jaw*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- I don't know!

Elle- You don't know, another silly answer Harma that won't do. How about we play a game?

Harma- What?

Elle- Lets play tag like we used to do! I'm it! ~Elle disappears~

Harma- ~she looks all around and gets up she turns around again to find Elle right next her with the same gun she gave her before when Darka was tied up. She has the gun ponit right at her stomack and looks up at her sister. And Harma looks down in shock~

Elle- Tag...Your Dead. ~she pulls the trigger and the bullet goes into Harma~

Sorcha- The truth hurts right? True can killed. truth can kill pain.
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *just stands there and let's the ters roll down her face*

Darka: Harma! *dashes to her side*
over a year ago malmcd said…
Sorcha- And that's why you must live and move on and find the truth because I promised that I'd take the pain away so you have pasted and you may live.

Ella- I did it? I kill her I killed my sister! ~she falls to the ground in tears of joy and saddness~

Harma- ~she falls to the ground and lays there

Sara- And it's been done...

Her mOTHER- And now we're done here. ~she walks over to Ella and picks her up has she continues to cry`

Ella- I did it!

~They leave~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Darka: Harma! *rushes to her side and lifts her to cradle her* Harma? Harma no please don't leave me! Harma!
*puts his hand on her cheek*

Sasha: *is at a loss for words and just continues to cry*

over a year ago malmcd said…
Harma- ~she whispers~ I told you I would never hurt you...

Sorcha- I'm evil yes I am. But promise's are one's not to break and I made my promise's now it's your turn to keep your end of the promise. Go. Your free! Go! ~the door opens~
over a year ago allicyn123 said…
Sasha: *opens her eyes and turns to misty her eyes still watery*

Darka: Harma, you'll only hurt me if you leave me! Please don't leave me, please Harma, *holds her close to him*