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Opinion by trgirl posted over a year ago
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a long time ago when i was still going out with my old boyfriend from fifth grade I had this really weird dream with him in it. me his mom his sister and my brother were all going on a trip to monkey island (aparently it was a theme park with real monkeys in it) when we got out of the car my boyfriends mom was admiring her water melon flip flops(they were made out of real watermelon)so then we all did a few activites in the park. when it was time to go one of the monkeys came and stole her flip flops and put them on the roof so she made me go and look for them! but i couldnt find them so she had to drive witout them. and then she just had this creepy smile on her face so we crashed. my bf was screamin cuz he was afraid of my brother i was scared of his mom and his sister was scared cuz she thought she was gonna die. What a weird dream
Opinion by MiizLadiDiime posted over a year ago
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I can fly,
I'm a pigeon,
In the sky,
I poop up high,
Don't touch me unless you wanna die,
Nodding my head,
I'm gone stab you with ma beak,
My seed is my weed,
Don't hate me cause you a'int me,
Now gimme some bread BLOOD!!!

Got ma ninja flea,
So don't mess with me,
OH GOD!!!,
I got shot in ma eye,
Now i'm brain damaged,
Life is a B***h,
happy days,
I think not.

Many people are scared of piegons i have a dream to change that.... not really i just needed to write sum articles me n nichole22 and xXkellXx made this up comment plz