Duncan’s POV: I’m a Night Creeper. The Night Creepers are a gang of people who have been forgotten, thought were dead, and basically just thrown out of the world. The Night Creepers only hang out at night and show the world what we think of it. Our natural enemies are the Day Trotters. We despise the Day Trotter due to their happiness and what they think of the world. In their heads, they see lollipops and rainbows. Peace, Love, and Happiness basically. I sat in my room and looked outside and waited for the sun to go down.
“So what are we gonna do tonight Duncan?” my friend, Geoff asked.
“What we normally do. Hang with our homies and break stuff.”I said.
“I don’t know why but I feel like there’s something else I have to do in my life. You know?”Geoff said.
“Geoff, you’re my best friend and I love you, but not that way.”I said looking at Geoff weirdly.
“Not that! I’m talking about girls.” he said.
“Oh, well why would we need girls when we rule the world by night?”I asked.
“I’ve never had a girlfriend. Have you?”Geoff asked.
“I have Gwen, remember?”I said.
“Oh, yeah. But she doesn’t really love you. She’s just with you cause she has no one else and you two are both Night Creepers.”Geoff said.
“Hey, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking about! But, you’re right. I guess I’ll break up with her tonight.”I said.
“Cool. But you that she’s gonna hate you for the rest of her life.” he said.
“Oh darn.”I said sarcastically as Geoff and I laughed.
Then Gwen came in.
“Speak of the Devil.”Geoff said.
“What?”Gwen asked.
“Gwen, look, I just don’t think it’s working out.”I said.
“Fine.”Gwen said slapping me and leaving with a slam of the door.
As soon as Gwen left, Geoff and I did our secret handshake.
The night came shortly. All the Night Creepers came together on a roof.
“The Day Trotters are coming tonight.” A member of the Night Creepers said.
We all yelled in disgust.
Courtney’s POV: I’m a Day Trotter. The Day Trotters are a gang of people who believe in themselves and all of life. We believe in our dreams, thoughts, and especially love. Peace, Love and Happiness is our motto. The Night Creepers are our natural enemies. “We will meet up with the Night Creepers tonight. It’s another shot at their friendship.” our leader said. We went onto the roof and just looked at the Night Creepers as they yelled and cursed at us. I looked at all their faces as they were dirty and rough looking. Then I saw this one teenage punk looking at me as the boy beside him was looking at my friend Bridgette. The punk smiled. Bridgette and I walked toward the teenagers as they walked toward us. We faced each other as Bridgette took a swing at the blonde’s face. He caught her fist and smiled as he said, “I’m Geoff, what’ your name?” Bridgette looked into his eyes and said, “Bridgette.” The punk was looking at the two as I tried to hit him. He caught my wrist and pulled me close to him. I tried to get away but he held me tight.
“I’m Duncan. Who are you?”he said.
I just looked at him as he threw me away from him. I didn’t talk the whole time we fought. Every time I’d try to hit him, he’d either block it away or ask me more questions.
“Tell me your name.” the one called Duncan demanded.
I still didn’t say anything. When it was sunrise, all of the Night Creepers fled. All of the Day Trotters went back to their sanctum, except for Bridgette and I. Duncan and his friend stayed behind with us. We tried our best to ignore them, well, at least I did. Bridgette was glued to Geoff. Duncan kept on talking to me though, still asking questions. Bridgette and I stayed in the sunlight as Duncan and Geoff stayed in the shadows. Night Creepers can’t stand the sun. But in the night, Day Trotters just glow in the darkness.
Duncan’s POV: “Why won’t you just talk to me?”I asked.
“Have you ever thought that I don’t wanna talk to you?” the brunette Day Trotter asked.
“No, because I know that you like me.”I said.
“What?! Like you?! You’re a Night Creeper!” she yelled.
“So, that doesn’t mean that you can’t like me.”I said.
“Yes it does!” she still yelled.
“So you just admitted it!”I said with a grin.

Courtney’s POV: “I didn’t admit anything.”I said.
“Yes you just did! You like me!” the Night Creeper kept saying.
“So how about tomorrow night?” he asked.
“What?”I asked.
“We can meet up tomorrow night. Just you and me.” he said.
“No way.”I said.
“Aw, come on. You know you wanna have some fun. And I’m the perfect guy to have some fun with.” the punk said.
“For the last time, no!”I said.
The Night Creeper looked at me with his beautiful, I mean, disgusting, deadly eyes and gave the puppy face. It was cute I have to admit but I still couldn’t be seen with a Night Creeper.
“Oh….okay. But just one night.”I said finally giving in.
“Yes!” the punk said with joy and kissed me on the nose.