Courtney's p.o.v

I was on my bed, listenin' to music when Heather comes over and hits me on the head, I took off my headphones.

Heather: How can you stick it.

Me: Stick what?

Heather: The smell, it skinks in here.

Me: What are you talking about it doesn't-OH GOD THAT SKINKS!

I took a deep sniff, I actully forgot how bad it stunk, we were in the guys cabin, anyway I fell off my bed.

Heather: And you're just realizing this now?

Me: I had been breathing through my mouth ever since the show started.

Heather: Huh, y'know something Courtney, you're smart for a circus gal.

Me: Thanks....HEY!

Just then Alejandro walks in.

Heather's po.v

Alejandro: Hola seneritas.

Me: What are you doing here.

Alejandro: Ummmmm, *mutters something in Spainsh*

Me: What?

Courtney: He said "I'm lonely"

Heather: Awww, little Alejandro is lonely.

Alejandro: I'm not-

Chef: Get out of bed you magets!

Chef was calling us? were's Chris? we walked outside anyway, and there was no Chris in sight only Chef, and we were in the middle of the woods.

Chef: Alright magets I'm gonna make this real simple so you'r tiny pea sised brains can understand what the challege is about, first one back to camp wins the million dollers.

Me: Really it's that simple?

Courtney: I can't beileve the compatishion is over all ready, it seams like just ten days ago when this all started.

Alejandro: Thats because it was ten days ago, dxcfan101 cut the series short remember?

Cortney: Oh ya.


Alejandro's p.o.v

I CAN'T BEILEVE I LOST!!!!! Courtney cheated, she stole Chef's night vison gogles.

Heather's p.o.v


Me: Thats not fair, she stole the night vison gogles, she cheated.

Chris: There are no rules Heather, the ame of the game was to make it back first to win.

Me: I can't beileve I lost to a circus freak!

Alejandro: I can't beileve I lost to a girl and a Courtney.

The two of us stromed off.

Courtney's p.o.v

I won, I won, now everything is gonna be ok.

Gwen: Courtney I'm so happy for you, out of everyone, you deserive that money.

Me: Thanks.

After everyone congratalating me, Duncan finnaly comes over.

Duncan: Congrats princess.

Me: Thanks, Dunky.

Duncan: Please stop calling me that, we're on TV.

Me: I'll stop calling you Dunky if you stop calling me princess.

Duncan: You know damn well that I'm not gonna stop calling you princess, princess.

Me: Ah it was worth a shot.

With that said he pushed his lips into mine, I could hear everyone else say "awww"

Chris: Another shocking ending, well looks like this series is over...bye.

AN: Happy ending :). I'm so happy that I finished my first DxC series, there will be another but my train of thought is stuck in the middle of nowere, all I got so far is the name and what it is about, its called "My Best Friends Brother"
it's about Courtney, Bridgett and Duncan, Duncan's dad marries Bridgett's mom and Courney is caught between Duncan and Bridgett fighting all the time (mostly about who gets to spend time with Courtney).