Halloween Costume
Total Drama never happened.

Duncan's pov
Geoff is dragging me down to this club. They're having a halloween party. At least it will be full if hot chicks in skimpy costumes.

Courtney's pov
My best friend Bridgette and I are going to a halloween party abd are out shopping for costumes when she sees a sort of sexy mad hatter outfit.
"Really? You're gonna wear that?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"No, you are."
"There us no way in the world you can make me wear that thing."
Oh really?"
-----Outside the club-----
"Bridgette, I feel ridiculous!"
"Oh come on you haven't even taken the trench coat off yet. Just let loose for once!"
"Ok, for this one night I will be wild
and crazy."
"That's the spirit!"

Duncan's pov
I was so right it's scary. Everywhere you look there is a girl in practically just her underwear, it's like a drem come true 'cause half of them are already drunk. Then I saw her. she was dancing jus a few feet away from me with a blonde girl. She obviously hadn't noticed me yet. I stared her body up and down. I just couldn't help myself. She was so damn HOT.

Courtney's pov
I kept pretending not to notice the guy with the green mohawk and grey-blue eyes staring straight into my chest. I turned to him.
"Hey," he said to my boobs.
"My boobs aren't going to say anything back." I said, he had the decency to look up at my face.
"I'm Duncan, let me buy you a drink."
"Okay. I'm Courtney" We sat down at the bar.
"So tell me about yourself."
"Not much ti tell really. I'm just your average 21 year old."
---A few glasses if vodka later---
I have a extremely strong tolerance for alchohol. U don't get drunk easily. Duncan, it apoeared does. He had already told me twice that he thought I was hot and wanted to have sex with me. Gosh, the guy is perverse.

----Morning after-----

Duncan's pov
I have the worst hangover. The only thing I can remember is Courtney, man, that girl is gorgeous.
I have to get up and go to work at that fancy hotel pool.
J pulled on my clothes and got on my motorcycle.
As I was walking into the pool area you'll never guess what I saw.