Duncan's P.O.V

After School I sorta made her miss the bus so i could drive her home. when she wasn't looking i sorta stole her dairy too.After i saw that she was safe in her house i drove home.I walked to my room to hear Justin and Gwen in there.So i walked to Justin's room.i heard them out in the hall so i walked out in the hall.

"Ill call you later baby I love you" Gwen Said kissing him.

After she saw me he started kissing justin more and crazier.

"Sweetheart quit you are not making my jealous"

"Yea sure im not you always do this You are just made i chose Duncan over you Justin..hes My everything" Wiith that she smiled at him

"Gwen you used to be so smart What happened?"

"Justin Shut UP!You are just jealous cause i chose Duncan over you and You are nothing but a selfish piece of.."

Before she could finish my mom started yelling at her."GWEN go home!"

After i heard the door slam close i started taking my anger out on Justin's face..After a few hits i was pulled apart by my mom and dad.

"Duncan this needs to stop!..."

"He won't stop because i stole his girl"

"Justin you are nothing Gwen means nothing more then a friend Courtney she's my life and you ruined that when i went to juvie!" I yelled

"So you go to juvie and I cover your ass up by going on Total drama world tour and With Gwen being there you know i was checking her and with Courtney being annoying I kissed Gwen and I broke that devil woman's heart!"

I couldn't take it anymore I jumped on him and i punched him right in his mouth.two teeth fell out on the floor. With that My Parents took me to my room.My dad stayed in the hall with Justin while my mom was trying to make me calm down.

"Duncan calm Down sweetheart please" My mom said brushing my mohawk back

"I will after my life is back on track!"

"Baby boy please trust me your father will take care of it"

"I know..he will ever since Courtney made me talk to him we have never been closer"

She smiled"Yea i always did like Courtney"She kissed my head" Change into your normal clothes and come eat" With that said she left. After she left i heard the door slam.Justin left i could see him from my window.

After I ate My parents went out to the store.

"Sweetie..sweetie' I opened my eyes to see Gwen standing beside me.


"Baby whats wrong" With that she kissed me.i pulled back.

"Don't do that"

"Baby what did i do wrong"

'First im not you're baby i never was"

"Are you breaking up with me?"

"No im teasing you baby..YES I'm breaking up with you..i'm going to win Courtney back somehow"

"Duncan I hate you!" With that she started crying and left

The next day at school I saw Courtney talking to Trent when the f*ck did he start going here?i walked over

"Hey Justin this is Trent"

"Hey" I said staring him down

"Hey did i forget my dairy in your car yesterday?"

"No i don't think so...do you want me to help you look for it?"

"Naw bro i'll help her"

"Naw bro..Trent when the hell did you start talking like that?" Courtney asked

"Since i started dating Gwen"

"You are dating that sea witch?"


"Trent that sea witch ruined my life!"

The bell rung after she said that she didn't move so i picked her up and took her to class.The whole day she had a mean look on her face.After school i stopped her before she got on the bus

"Courtey come on let me take you to get ice cream or something" She looked at the bus driver then looked back at me.

"Ya..ya i would like that"

I drove us to her favorite ice cream shop.I bought her a big chocolate cone with jimmies and i just got a drink.When she started eating it it started meltig everywhere.

"Justin dont just sit there help me eat this " she said laughing

I took the cone off of her and i ate most of the cone so when i took her home she would be a big mess.

'Here you go" I said with most of the cone still in my mouth.

"What' all she could do was smile and giggle.