Tom McGillis has told us the reason why Duncney and Gwent broke up. They said they didn't want any of the couples to be too lovey dovey or too serious because they believed that it would send the wrong message to children, who the show is amied at. Duncan and Gwen getting together was a network request *shudders*

I say:
First of all, how is Total Drama even a children's show? With all the cussing (which isn't even CENSORED on teletoon), jokes, nakedness, etc.

Anyway, I strongly doubt that what I mentioned above is the real reason why they broke up the two most popular couples because:

1.(not trying to be offensive to DXG fans) So cheating is sending an okay message to kids, who are supposedly the main people who watch the show?
2. If the couples aren't too serious, then what about Geoff and Bridgette? They seem to be very much in love, they've been together since Total Drama Island!
3. Same for Lindsay and Tyler. Although this couple isn't all that serious, but they are still together, even though they've been since season 1.
4. Mike and Zoey seem to be seriously in love with each other.

Oh yeah, and how they destroyed Trent and Courtney's personalities so that people would wish Duncan and Gwen would get together *shudders* was stupid. I did not buy that!

Why did they choose to drastically change the character of two already liked contestants (Trent and Courtney) by the fandom? It really doesn't make sense, if you ask me.

So, is there hope for Duncney and Gwent?

Of course there is. They wouldn't let us grow so attached to these couples if they were just going to break them up. I strongly believe that Duncan is just trying to get back at Courtney for being bitchy in TDA.

Sometimes I wish that TDI was the only season... considering all these fanwars TDA and TDWT caused. And I can't go across one forum or link or poll on the TDI club without seeing hate on Courtney.

What do you guys think?