Duncan is sweatin and he turns red. "You do?" He pulls on his collar to show it getting hot out there.

"Yes" Courtney drops her head."You WERE cheating on me with Gwen while I was gone and are too much of a wimp to break up with me!" She screams holding one fist to her side while the other hand pointed at Duncan. He stares at her bewilidered.

Duncan: She thinks I cheated on her with Gwen! How could she think that? Gwen and I are just friends! Even ask her! I gotta straighten things out with Courtney.

"Princess..." Duncan was interrupted. "Don't you 'princess' me! And don't give me those fierce teal eyes thinking I'm just gonna forget what you did!" Courtney walks over to him and pokes his chest.

Duncan grabs her hand that poked his chest and held her in an embrace. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She was shocked at this action and she was about to yell but, she melted in with the hug and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. She could feel his hard muscles press against her chest. Duncan took a small wif of Courtney's hair smelling her shampoo.

"I mean it when I say it Courtney"Duncan whispered. "You are the only girl for me." Courtney's eyes shot up at his last words and unwrapped her arms from his neck. She pushed him away. "Don't give me that! I've been through more than enough relationships to hear that corny line! Talk to me when you wanna tell me the truth!" Courtney stomped away from him with both balled fists to her side.

"Baby, it's true! I meant every word, I lo.."Duncan screamed throwing his hands up and walking at a fast pase. He stopped after he said, 'I lo..'. Courtney turned around with wide eyes staring at Duncan. He was even more red than before. His body shaked and knees raddled. Courtney sighed and continued to her tent.

Duncan screamed as if in pain and dropped onto the ground pounding his head with his balled fists continually saying,"Stupid, stupid,stupid!"

Courtney comes back to her tent to see for a split second that Lindsay, Beth, and the bride, poked three holes through the tent,spying on the little arguement outside. "How much did you hear?" Courtney asked pissed off. Beth and Lindsay have their backs turned to her while the bride is looking through a magazine in her dress and veil.

"Nothing" Beth said without looking at her. "Except the whole thing where you said you're boyfriend was cheating on you with Gwen." Lindsay turned to her and said. Beth face Lindsay and then slapped her head with her hand and sighed. "Oops" Lindsay said.

"It's okay girls, after all, we're on tv, the whole world saw that fight. Isn't really personal." COurtney said in deep sadness and turns her head to the otuside of the tent.

"What do you expect honey, this is tv, nothing you say is private, don't you get it? So, that was your boyfriend" The bride says without looking at Courtney.

"I don't know" Courtney says and drops her head in dismay as her arms folded across her chest.