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He was going to kill her, right after he killed Justin. Justin was obviously crushing on Courtney and she was encouraging it! "Sir Justin, I want you to know that I hope you rescue me!"

He tried to make up for his earlier fault at not paying her a compliment. "C'mon I was just kidding about the compliment. You're cute OK! I like your face, it's nice!"

She didn't even look back. They were supposed to be keeping their relationship secret but as far as everyone knew there was still potential for reconcile. Justin had no say when it came to him and Courtney.

He was still mesmerized by her amazing singing voice. It had to literally be the most stimulating thing his ears had ever heard. It was a shame that she had had the same effect on Justin as well. It disturbed him more than anything that he had suddenly taken such a keen interest in her. His intentions certainly weren't noble. Duncan admitted he was no saint and wanted to do less than innocent things to her, but his reasons were on a completely different level. Justine couldn't even match the amount of intensity he felt for Courtney. What made him even sicker was the fact that now Justin was using his beloved nickname for her, hearing Justin calling Courtney "princess" was just so unnatural.

Whatever the reason, he was making sure he won this challenge. Even if he was no prince charming Duncan wasn't letting his princess get away

A Few Challenges Later...

Now she was blowing air kisses! She had blown one to him as well but she did it in a distasteful manner, almost as if she hadn't wanted to. He decided to take out his anger on Harold and steal his air kiss. Unfortunately Justin had done the same thing to him. Now he was really going to kill him!

"You princess stealing slime ball!"

Courtney meanwhile was having tons of fun with her role as the princess. It still freaked her out slightly that Justin had expressed an interest in her. As soon as he sat next to her during breakfast she felt uncomfortable. Yes he was a handsome guy, but he was also very underhanded when he wanted to be. She didn't trust Justin as far as she could throw him. However it was necessary for her to lead Justin on and act as if he had a chance. If she knew one thing about crushes it was that they made you weak. She had seen it all too well with Trent and Gwen what could happen when you let your feelings get in the way of things. Luckily she and Duncan were stronger than that. But that didn't mean she couldn't take advantage of Justin and make Duncan jealous at the same time, it was just too much fun.

It actually made her feel better that Duncan could even get jealous at all. She had worried for a brief time if she was the only one who had control issues and that she had simply overreacted to his friendship with Gwen. Now she knew that Duncan had territorial issues with her as well, they weren't even supposed to be together and he was acting like she was his property. Instead of being insulted she was actually rather flattered.

She continued to watch Justin and Duncan fight over her with utter delight, until Harold decided to get involved. She cringed when she saw the big electronic monster fall over on Duncan. 'Just play it cool Courtney.'

Justin climbed up to her obviously expecting some gratitude from her. Now ordinarily she would've said no or just plain smacked Justin. But messing around with Duncan's head was just too good to pass up. Besides she knew Chris wouldn't allow a happy ending, Chris had already informed her that there would be a sword fight between her and Justin. Sure enough Chris stopped them just as they began leaning into each other.

"Yes," Duncan gasped out in relief.

Courtney faked disappointment to win over Justin's soft side and took her opening as soon as she saw it. "Sorry Justin, but I can't give up immunity. You understand." She felt she at least owned him an apology, she did after all use him, but she knew the pretty boy would get over it. The only reason he had developed a crush on her in the first place was because he was going through a period of insecurity. She knew eventually he'd get over it and go back to his old narcissistic ways.

Now that the challenge was over with she looked forward to meeting up with Duncan later. She knew he would make her answer for her actions, and she was looking forward to it.

He had to wait for longest damn time to wait for an opening. The stupid camera men had been following him around all day expecting him to blow up or something. He planned on doing that, and it would be solely on Courtney. But he wasn't doing it in front of an audience, this was personal.

He finally entered their trailer and saw her still wearing her purple princess gown. He hated to admit how perfectly the dress suited her, she looked stunning. She had glanced over at him once and merely smiled at him before turning her back on him and humming to herself. He felt ignored and it finally made him snap.

"What the hell?" Duncan asked in an irritated tone.

Courtney turned around confused. "Excuse me?"

Duncan approached her so swiftly Courtney had to step back a couple steps. "You encouraged Justin to go after you, you almost kissed him!"

Courtney's confusion suddenly turned into amusement. "You were jealous," she said with a smirk on her face. "I knew it!"

Duncan rolled his eyes and looked at her astonished. "I was not jealous I was just making sure Justin wouldn't take advantage." Courtney started giggling uncontrollably which only made Duncan more frustrated. "What is so damn funny?"

Courtney snorted once before shaking her head and placing a reassuring hand on Duncan's shoulder. "Not only were you jealous, but you have already taken advantage. Plus I never intended on kissing Justin, Chris had already informed me that we would have a sword fight. I just didn't say anything because I wanted to catch Justin off guard, plus I knew it would make you mad." She smiled coyly at him. "Besides now you know how I felt when you were spending so much time with Gwen."

Duncan looked at her with a slight evilness. Figures she was toying with him, figures she would get off on him getting mad.

"You liked watching me make an ass out of myself for you?" he asked half serious.

Courtney smirked and whispered in his ear, "It turned me on."

Duncan forcefully backed her up against the wall taking Courtney off guard. "You are so going to be punished for that," he threatened.

Courtney only smiled playfully at him. "Ooh… what do you have in mind?"

Both of them jumped in surprise when they heard Lindsey singing merrily to herself just outside the trailer.

Courtney panicked and started pushing Duncan away only to find him pushing back. "Get out of here," she hissed. Having Duncan with her right now wasn't good, it was obvious he was up to something and Courtney didn't want Lindsey getting any ideas.

Duncan smiled evilly and backed her up more forcefully against the wall again. He wasn't going anywhere. "I believe I said I was going to punish you princess."


Courtney began to panic further, Lindsey was coming in.

"You brought this on yourself." Duncan got on his knees and hiked up the overly fluffy gown. "Try to keep a straight face."

Before Courtney could protest, Duncan neatly stuffed his entire body under her dress just as Lindsey walked in the trailer. Courtney knew her face was red and her whole body was jittery, she only prayed the blonde airhead wouldn't notice. Apparently the dress was doing a very good job at covering up Duncan, now she just had to focus on not blowing her cover.

This was proving to be difficult with Duncan spreading her legs apart oh so slyly. She tried hitting him under her dress which proved to be pointless. As soon as Lindsey focused her attention on Courtney she had to grit her teeth together and hoped nothing bad happened.

"Hey Courtney, I was wondering if you had some extra lip gloss, cause I just ran out of my best brand and I need some to really make my lips pop."

The whole time Lindsey was talking Courtney was trying to maintain a straight face. Duncan was bruising himself with pulling at her panties and kissing the inside of her thighs. Courtney let out a shaky breath.

"Courtney, are you alright?" asked Lindsey suddenly approaching Courtney with a worried look on her face.

Since Courtney couldn't move she held out an arm to stop Lindsey from further approaching. "I- I'm fine, I think I just ate something bad." She tried to knee Duncan in the face to tell him to back off but couldn't move her knees at all since they were buckling.

"Oh no you have food poisoning! My cousin Melissa got really bad food poisoning from some spoiled meat she had, and like totally threw up for an entire week."

Duncan's kisses began making their way higher, and now he was being more daring, whipping out his tongue. His warm breath hit her hard as his tongue lapsed over the areas of flesh he kissed.

"Um- Lindsey I think I'm fine, I just….OH!" Now Duncan's tongue had a found a nice little spot to enter. Courtney's legs started to go out.

"What's wrong are you getting a cramp?"

Courtney could barely register what Lindsey was saying as Duncan's tongue snaked gradually in and out of her.

"Ooh, yeah… just some stomach cramps or- ah! Some bug or…something."

His tongue was making its way deeper. Warmness began to pool at her center.

"It's totally OK, when I get cramps I just do some stretching... or do I take a really hot bath for that stuff?"

Duncan's tongue piercing was now moving around inside her. The little metal rod had just the extra length to reach her g-spot.

"Oh, oh, oh," whimpered Courtney now forced to bury her entire face in her hands. She was breathing too hard. Luckily Lindsey was still rambling.

"But extra beauty sleep works too; I mean you don't want baggy old eyes first things in the morning."

"Mmm… mornings" panted out Courtney who was now faint with desire and trying to keep up with Lindsey's ranting.

Duncan's tongue now did a special trick which left Courtney breathless. His tongue was moving like a wave against the folds of her slick wet core.

"I mean it's important to take care of the skin too, hygiene is very good for your natural glow."

"Oh god, it's so good!" screamed out Courtney in pleasure.

"See you understand what it's like to keep yourself rejuvenated. No wonder our skin looks amazing."

"Feels so- I mean, looks so amazing," gasped out Courtney. A small moan escaped her lips but Lindsey was completely clueless to what was happening to the girl in front of her.

"Yeah… so anyway, do you have some extra lip gloss I can barrow?"

Duncan was now working his tongue as fast as he could and sucking at her clit. Courtney banged a fist against the nearest wall, surprising Lindsey. "In my purse!" she squeaked out pointing to it.

"Thanks!" said Lindsey skipping off to retrieve the lip gloss just as Courtney bent over screaming into her hands, her climax finally hitting her swift and hard.

Courtney picked herself back up the second her orgasm was over and waved good bye to Lindsey. "Take care of those cramps OK Court,"

Courtney nodded before whispering to herself, "Oh I will."

As soon as Lindsey shut the door behind her Courtney pulled the juvenile out from under her dress and gave him the mother of all death glares.

Duncan only smiled proudly. "Well done, I thought for sure you wouldn't make it."

Courtney wanted to smack him. "What the hell was that for!? Did you want to get caught or just make me look like an idiot?'


This time Courtney did make a move to smack him only he managed to catch her hand midway and stood in front of her with a more apologetic face. "Oh c'mon like you couldn't handle it."

Courtney wiped her forehead of the little beads of sweat he had created. "Barely," she replied in a husky voice.

Duncan took it as a compliment before kissing her lightly on the lips. She didn't pull back like he expected her to, so she must not be too angry with him.

With her being so forgiving he decided to deepen the kiss. She complied with great enthusiasm kissing him back fiercely and exploring his mouth with her tongue. She was surprised when she could taste herself inside him. She pulled back looking at him amazed.

"Taste good, don't you?" he asked teasingly.

She didn't answer him and only pulled his mouth back on her and continued to taste all he could offer. Duncan was defiantly a different flavor for her, but she found herself craving it more and more each day. His rhythm was perfectly in tune with hers, both of them trying to dominate the other and surprising each other each time. What Courtney found oddly stimulating was the way his tongue piercing felt inside her own mouth. The coolness of the metal piece felt incredible mixed with the warmth of their heated kisses.

Duncan finally pulled back looking more crazed than she did. "Shower?"

She nodded eagerly dragging him behind her to the showers. Luckily everyone was busy getting their bruises bandaged up. Duncan had been pretty banged up with that giant mechanical monster falling on him, but he was a tough guy and could handle the pain no problem. He was with Courtney after all.

Courtney roughly pulled him into the shower stall with her and turned the hot water on full blast. They were still kissing so frantically that they hadn't even bothered removing their clothing yet.

Duncan tangled his fingers in her wet hair and held her as close as he could. She was his, not Justin's. He had to make sure she knew that, he needed her to know just how badly he needed her. It was still something he couldn't exactly name, there was just something about Courtney that no one else had. She had this relentlessness in her that drew him closer. Like he wanted to be part of all the great things she experienced. Like he wanted to give her something she could take with her forever. She was the girl he didn't want to be forgotten by.

He broke this kiss and looked at her. She was so beautiful with her her all wet and matted against her face. She looked at him so lovingly and lustfully. He had never had this effect on any girl before and somehow it made him happy. He wanted to keep her like this forever, the way she always kept him.

"Courtney I…"

He wanted to say it. He wasn't sure what "it" was, but he couldn't seem to do it. There a powerful yearning to tell her but an even stronger feeling not to. He was scared to say such things out loud.

Courtney however didn't seem to mind as she smiled sweetly at him and began pulling off his shirt. She watched as the hot water ran down his chest which was covered in a few bruises. Courtney gently placed a kiss on each bruise and ran her satin gloved hands over the rest of his body.

The satin fabric and the hot water was driving his body frantic. He could tell Courtney was just as frantic as him and decided to let go of whatever it was he wanted to tell her. He pulled her dress up to her thighs and began moving his hand in and around the inner center of her legs. Courtney brought her satin gloved hands into his pants and wrapped them around his erection.

Duncan cursed and picked Courtney up so she could wrap her legs around him. Courtney made a soft "oh" sound when she felt him against her. She accidently slid the rest of his pants and boxers all the way down to the shower floor. He was now completely naked.

Courtney still had her underwear on but realized that they were soaked and barely clinging onto her body. Duncan looked down at the undergarment happy that the fabric was white and allowed him to see what he would be getting.

With his erection fully exposed Courtney still couldn't help but marvel at its size. No wonder the boy was so cocky. She shuddered as the tip oh his head circled her entrance. With the hot water blasting on full power, the electricity was completely shifted into something that made Courtney entirely weak. Before, they had simply rubbed against each other above the clothes. The water was now leaving them practically naked and acting as an intense lubricant.

Duncan now took the opportunity to rub against her hard. At first Courtney thought it was too hard and almost painful but soon found herself in heaven. She spread her legs wider and wider closing her eyes to the unimaginable sweetness she was drowned in. The steam around them was making her go dizzy. She dug her finger nails into Duncan's back. He groaned as the hot water hit the scratches. His eyes were practically rolling in the back of his head.

This time he really didn't think he could wait, he really did need her now!

"Courtney I don't think I can…"

He didn't need to finish in order for Courtney to know what he was talking about. She was aching just as bad. Both of them needed more.

She kissed him hard biting his lip in the process. "Do you have protection?"


If it hadn't been for that he would've shouted in victory and pulled out a condom right then and there. But he didn't have one.

He figured since Courtney wouldn't be around during TDA there was no real point in keeping one around. Duncan didn't make it a point to carry them around anyway. There were few girls who kept his interest long, and he wasn't some playboy who would just screw any girl because they were hot. If they weren't interesting, there really was no appeal and he wasn't about to burden himself with bimbos and one night stands.

Instead of answering her he growled and bit down on her collar bone sharply. Courtney was a little shocked by his hostile reaction but she knew it meant that he didn't have protection and was just frustrated. She just sighed in disappointment and brought his head back up to face her.

"Next time," she promised.

Duncan nodded half heartedly. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything but there was no way this was happening without some kind of protection, he wasn't an idiot.

Courtney snapped him out of his self loathing buy scratching her nails along the back of his neck. Again his eyes rolled in the back of his head as the overly hot water hit the scratches turning the skin red.

He looked at her with an almost angry expression but it was tainted with desire. Courtney should've been afraid. Duncan was strong and forceful when he wanted to be. But this threatening look on him actually made him look sexier and only made her hotter.

'Maybe we're both masochists,' she thought slightly thrilled by the idea.

Sure enough Duncan answered back by biting her roughly and sucking at her neck. The feeling itself more erotic than his usual gentleness.

Courtney gave it to him right back by scratching him a bit harder and attacking his neck s well. Duncan slammed her lower back against the tile wall with his pelvis nearly knocking the wind out of her. He thought he'd only have to punish her once today, but it seems he was wrong. He'd have to punish her again for making him want her so bad. He gripped her ass so hard it would leave bruises as he tore the top of her dress down to her tummy. He showed no mercy as he took her breasts in his mouth, sucking and nibbling fast and firmly.

Courtney didn't know if she should be begging him to stop or beg him to keep going. She was mixed up in the pleasure of pain and the need of release from it. Either way she couldn't fight Duncan even if she really wanted to. He had already taken his bruises for her and now it was her turn.

It was obvious how much he wanted her. If he couldn't have her fully right now then she allowed him to do as he pleased right now. It wasn't about her, it was about him. She could see what this was doing for him and was glad to offer it. She continued to moan, whimper, and sigh at the rough foreplay. She wanted to seal this in her memory forever.

There was more biting and nipping. He kept rubbing against her, still slamming her backside into the wall. His hands were rough against her skin, occasionally pinning her arms tightly over her head. At one point he felt her legs falling asleep and loosening their grip on him, he quickly woke her up by slapping her ass and getting a yelp out of her mouth which he only devoured and dominated.

Duncan finally brought his fingers inside her and nearly stretched her to her limit as he wasted no time bringing her to her climax faster than he ever had. Courtney literally screamed and shriveled up as her full weight went dead.

She couldn't move and was thankful Duncan was still holding her or else she'd be on the floor. Duncan had gotten caught up in the moment of no control that the whole world seemed to disappear and the only thing important was doing as he pleased with Courtney. The fact that she had let him off the leash had truly set something off in him and had given him a whole new taste for freedom that was almost unreal.

Now that Duncan had finally gotten his animal instinct out of his system, he glanced at Courtney slightly worried. Had he hurt her? She hadn't brought her head out from his shoulder, was shaking uncontrollably, and had labored breathing. He didn't want to say anything, he was worried he had really gone too far this time. Still, he had to check if she was alright.


"Hmm?" she vibrated against him. Her small response sounded pained.

"Are you alright?"

She nodded against him still trembling. "Just- just give me a minute."

He gulped and started caressing her gently. The water to the shower had gone cold. But it was pure relief from the scolding hot water that had turned both their bodies red and raw. He hadn't even realized he was shaking just a badly as her and struggling to breathe.

Courtney finally sighed softly and removed herself from him only to nearly fall on her own feet. Duncan caught her before she hit the floor and looked at her exhausted face. She wasn't in pain, she was in ecstasy. Her entire body was only pained in pleasure.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

Duncan didn't know why she was apologizing. He was the one who had been too rough. He then realized that his back was stinging and noticed even more scratch marks on his chest, some had drawn blood. Guess she hadn't been too gentle either.

He hugged her gently afraid to do more damage. "Me too," he breathed out finally feeling the fatigue hitting him.

No hard feelings or real regrets filled either of them. They had both been so caught up in the rough treatment and had both overly enjoyed it. The hadn't even reached the real thing yet, but Duncan was betting it would be worth the wait.

They both groaned when they heard the ceremony begin.

"Better get going," he said picking her up like a princess.

The elimination ceremony barely processed in Courtney's mind since she was so worn out. When she stood to catch her award she realized how tender her back still was and cried out in pain.

Beth and Lindsey thought it was because they were putting pins i one of the Courtney princess dolls. Oh if only they knew.

Then Chris had to go and pull a stupid joke on them and claim Duncan was the one going home. She had stood up outraged only to find out Chris had pulled a fast one on her.

Duncan only smiled at her reaffirming the fact that she was still his and Justin was no where in his league. As Duncan continued to smirk at her, she could read his thoughts perfectly.

'Next time princess, next time.'